Stubbington – 09.09.21

Today we woke up early and had a cooked breakfast and cereal, it was tasty. After breakfast we checked on the small mammal hotels that we had put out last night. We caught three animals altogether, they were all bank voles. We studied the bank voles carefully and a few hours later released them back to their habitats.
After that, we had lunch of macaroni cheese, sausage roll or hot dogs. The pudding today was chocolate doughnuts or chocolate stubby biscuits.
After lunch, we went to the Anglo Saxon longhouse and looked at the artefacts, we also had a go at excavating artefacts and looked at Anglo Saxon coins. Then we did some team building activities on the play equipment. The other group did the Earthquake challenge, this was also a team building task.
We have also been able to visit the tuck shop this afternoon and use the games room.
By Becci and Gianluca

Stubbington – 08.09.21

Happy Easter

Morning Year 6,

We hope you are all keeping busy and helping out at home. Don’t forget next week is the school holidays! Your challenge is to do something to help in the house each day and do something to make each member of your household feel appreciated.

You could comment here to share what you have done to help out at home.

Have a good Easter Break!

Mrs Ellis and Mrs Jenkins


Fun times in Year 3

With so much going on in the news, it was lovely to see children at school enjoying their time at school.

Year 3 yesterday had a great time learning how to play Bench Ball, which they thoroughly enjoyed and made great use of their defending skills learnt from Netball in Autumn 1.

Today, the children created some fantastic artwork inspired by the daffodils growing in the school’s flower beds which they planted earlier on in the year; created their own Times Tables game which they shared and tested out with their friends and even acted out George and the Dragon as part of our Myths and Legends topic.

Well done Year 3.  Fantastic spirit at school at this unsettling time. 

Avon Tyrell Last Evening

To round off our excellent stay at Avon Tyrell, we enjoyed a fun filled indoor campfire with marshmallows, songs and games. The children were greeted by special guests Mr and Mrs Robertson who enjoyed the conga and competitive rock, paper, scissors.

The evening concluded, in us sharing birthday cake courtesy of Mr and Mrs Dawson. It was thoroughly enjoyed so thank you.

The showered and tired children settled to bed well by 9:00pm so a good night sleep will hopefully be in store including the teachers 🤞🏼

Tomorrow we will explore the grounds and facilities before coming back home. Children will be back by the end of school so normal pick up time is required.

All the children have been a credit to you and the school with on site staff complimenting their manners and enthusiasm.

We will see you tomorrow at 3pm at the usual pick up spot!

Avon Tyrell Day 2

  1. Another busy day that started with a 6am wake up call from the children. Breakfast was wolfed down and enjoyed by all.

The morning started with a range of activities; raft building, shelter building, pioneering, archery and orienteering. The children took to them with enthusiasm, determination and resilience.

After this was lunch (pizza and chips) which again was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

We are currently taking part in our last two activities before dinner and campfire. Then hopefully bed at a reasonable time.

We will update once more this evening.

Avon Tyrell Update

Year 4 have settled in to Avon Tyrell as if it were a second home. After lunch we completed two activities ranging from tree climbing, archery and pioneering.

Next came a hearty dinner (some people even had seconds) and a delicious dessert of apple crumble and custard.

Following this was time to tidy rooms and sort bedding. A skill that lots had perfected but some had no covers and messy rooms 🙂


Finally was the night walk which involved learning about the history of the grounds and playing some games which I hope the children will show you.

Currently, most children are asleep as our busy day has worn them out. Let’s home myself and Mr McKellar get a good night sleep as well.

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to add photos as I’m working from my mobile phone but we will hopefully set up a reliable WiFi signal tomorrow to be able to upload pictures with the text.

All is well and we will upload a post at a similar time tomorrow evening depending on the bedtime tomorrow.