Guy Competition

The annual Guy Competition was fiercely competed as always – with class 6JJ coming out on top with their wonderful Dalek, complete with flashing lights (although we wonder if anyone is missing a washing basket?).

Thanks to all the effort that went into the entries ahead of what was another fabulous fireworks display. And thanks to the Fordingbridge Mayor for judging the competition.




Year 6 Supporting Homework

Year 6 have been supporting some children to complete their Learning Unit homework. Thank you to all those children who gave their time to help those who have not found the time to complete their Learning Unit homework at home.

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Digital Camera


Year 5 Reading

Here we are, sharing information we took from non-fiction texts on the Solar System.

It was amazing how much this sparked our interest in space and gave us a chance to show what we already knew.

Sometimes we had the same information, sometimes we could teach our partner a new fact from what we had read.

Year 3 Art

Year 3 worked hard on their Delft tiles before half term. They learnt how to roll the clay with a rolling pin and used tools to make indents in the clay to form patterns and pictures from their design in their Art books.

They were then able to show off their tiles to their parents during the Parent Workshare. Well done Year 3.

Year 4 Treehouses

The week commencing 14th October was an exciting one for Year 4. We knew we had our treehouse sculptures to complete so off we went into the forest on Tuesday afternoon to find the perfect stick to hold our rooms and all the compartments we needed.

Wednesday kicked off with 4AG anxiously wondering if our clay bases had set and 4WM attaching their clay bases with great caution. The rest of Wednesday was spent with both classes completing their attachments to hang, balance or fix to their treehouse.

Along came Thursday. Finally, the day where our treehouses would take shape. Lots of balancing and precarious precision to ensure our treehouses were perfect.

Friday was the time to show off to parents. Lots of happy children smiles and slightly worried parents faces filled the classes as they wondered how they would house such huge sculptures. With that being said, I had some superb comments from parents who were proud of the artistic ability, carefully assembling and overall creativity.

We’d like to congratulate the whole of Year 4 on the motivation, resilience and teamwork skills they used over the week to overcome any obstacle in their way and magpie ideas from willing peers.

Year 5 Writing is Just So

Here we are sharing our first ideas for a Just So story.

We have chosen a favourite animal and decided on the new feature we want to explain.

Already we have some language from the Rudyard Kipling originals, O Best Beloved.

Watch out for our published stories.

Year 5 French

In our French lesson this week we learned how to say the rainforest animals, first by copying and repeating. Then we wrote the words phonetically so we wouldn’t be confused when we saw the French spelling.

We practised by playing a track game – thank you and well done to everyone who spoke clearly in French and had a go.

Year 6 Science

What has light got to do with glasses of water?

Year 6 had an investigative science lesson looking at refraction. We predicted, observed and drew conclusions from our investigation. We investigated the optical illusion of why a straw sometimes looks distorted when in a glass of water and what happens when you put an arrow behind a glass of water.

Try it yourself and see what happens! Why not ask Year 6 to share their knowledge of refraction and explain why these optical illusions happen?