Year 5 – Art

Tone and shading

We have made progress in our drawing skills by looking closely at different shading skills in pencil and pastel.

Come and see our Art books – we are really proud of our key skills work and today we ‘freestyled’ a planetary object in space.

Year 5 Moon Homework

Many, many thanks to Missy and Katie for providing the inspiration we needed to get everyone else into our Learning Unit Homework.  Katie sounded like an expert with her professional PowerPoint (fabulous photographs of our skies at night and day) and Missy had every phase of the moon covered in her beautiful sketches.

Year 5 – Planetarium

Year 5 took a trip into space on Thursday. It was beautiful and amazing – we saw the whole solar system and galaxy. We learned numerous, stunning facts: the Sun is NOT the biggest star (in fact it looks quite tiny compared to some of the larger stars).  Talking about making large things look small – the Earth was humiliated by the Sun and VY majors.

Year 5 – Winning Guy

Well, well well…. Despite making the smallest, shyest Guy, class 5NG won this year’s Guy competition.  Of course we were proud of our hand sewn, recyclable chappie but we hardly thought he could match some of the slick structures on display.

A huge thank you to Mrs Flight who oversaw the whole lovely thing and to everyone who brought in something re-usable and stitched our Minion with care and pride.

Year 5 – lovely leaves!

Looking for something beautiful to brighten up a wall?

Look no further than our delicate, dynamic tropical leaves.

We have used pencil sketching skills, chalk pastel blending and colour mixing skills to produce these tropical treasures.

Who would have thought we only had white, black, yellow and blue pastels?

Hot tip: make room for our next project – space themed art showing off toning skills!


Year 5 – rapping with the stars

First day back was RAP day!

We kick started our Solar System unit of learning with a space rap.

Here we are learning the rap and performing in small groups.

Look out for our own compositions, which we hope will be performance ready for the learning outcome at the end of the unit.