Year 5 PE

Thank you to Mr Williams who is getting us up to scratch with invasion games.

We have learned to dribble with a hockey stick and ball and also all sorts of fun games to practise push passing accurately.


Coaching in Year 5

Here we are in 5NG, using the experts we have.

Pupils who know the 4 maths operations inside out are able to teach and coach those who are nearly there.

Roll the dice to find out which calculation you have to demonstrate to the class.  Roll 5 you choose (many chose challenge)  Roll 6 your coach chooses.

Year 5 – Reading

Our new class story is Cosmic by Frank Cottrell-Boyce.

It is a funny adventure story with a science-fiction element.

In guided reading, we discussed the themes in the book and then explored the library to look for books with similar themes.

Sometimes it is nice to get out of your seat in a guided reading session!


Year 5 Reading

Here we are, sharing information we took from non-fiction texts on the Solar System.

It was amazing how much this sparked our interest in space and gave us a chance to show what we already knew.

Sometimes we had the same information, sometimes we could teach our partner a new fact from what we had read.

Year 5 Writing is Just So

Here we are sharing our first ideas for a Just So story.

We have chosen a favourite animal and decided on the new feature we want to explain.

Already we have some language from the Rudyard Kipling originals, O Best Beloved.

Watch out for our published stories.