Year 5 Measuring

We have been improving our knowledge of measures.First we found all sorts of things to measure in cm and then we tried to convert them into mm and m.
Today we thought about how to measure mass/weight.We have heard of pounds, stones, grams and kilograms. We feel very lucky not to be counting in 14s and 16s.After handling a 200g weight, we decided on objects that might balance it out.If our first ideas weren’t close we looked at ways to get closer.One group ‘The Glues’ achieved a perfect balance.
Tomorrow we test out our estimates for 1000 g or 1kg.


Year 5 Viking Raid

Anglo-Saxon Adventure…
We had names to intimidate, ancestors to inspire, a war dance to conjure fear in the fearless and we had an enemy tribe.
Every ingredient for a great inter-tribal contest.
One of the few times in school we were actually encouraged to hurl insults and boast!
Camps were set up and flags were captured.
Oh no – are we going to have to write about all this in our English lessons ?

Year 5 – Art

Tone and shading

We have made progress in our drawing skills by looking closely at different shading skills in pencil and pastel.

Come and see our Art books – we are really proud of our key skills work and today we ‘freestyled’ a planetary object in space.

Year 5 Moon Homework

Many, many thanks to Missy and Katie for providing the inspiration we needed to get everyone else into our Learning Unit Homework.  Katie sounded like an expert with her professional PowerPoint (fabulous photographs of our skies at night and day) and Missy had every phase of the moon covered in her beautiful sketches.