Stubbington – 09.09.21

Today we woke up early and had a cooked breakfast and cereal, it was tasty. After breakfast we checked on the small mammal hotels that we had put out last night. We caught three animals altogether, they were all bank voles. We studied the bank voles carefully and a few hours later released them back to their habitats.
After that, we had lunch of macaroni cheese, sausage roll or hot dogs. The pudding today was chocolate doughnuts or chocolate stubby biscuits.
After lunch, we went to the Anglo Saxon longhouse and looked at the artefacts, we also had a go at excavating artefacts and looked at Anglo Saxon coins. Then we did some team building activities on the play equipment. The other group did the Earthquake challenge, this was also a team building task.
We have also been able to visit the tuck shop this afternoon and use the games room.
By Becci and Gianluca

Stubbington – 08.09.21

Year 5 PE

Thank you to Mr Williams who is getting us up to scratch with invasion games.

We have learned to dribble with a hockey stick and ball and also all sorts of fun games to practise push passing accurately.


Coaching in Year 5

Here we are in 5NG, using the experts we have.

Pupils who know the 4 maths operations inside out are able to teach and coach those who are nearly there.

Roll the dice to find out which calculation you have to demonstrate to the class.  Roll 5 you choose (many chose challenge)  Roll 6 your coach chooses.

Year 5 – Reading

Our new class story is Cosmic by Frank Cottrell-Boyce.

It is a funny adventure story with a science-fiction element.

In guided reading, we discussed the themes in the book and then explored the library to look for books with similar themes.

Sometimes it is nice to get out of your seat in a guided reading session!