Year 5 Writing

Wish you were here?

A peaceful writing session with classical music and a virtual aquarium in the background.

Here we are publishing the first chapter of our Paultons Park stories.

We could choose absolutely everything bar the setting.

We have written in a range of genres: adventure, detective, thriller, comedy, superhero and are trying to show a good mix of action, description and dialogue.



Year 5 Paultons Park

Our Paulton’s Park trip was a huge success and our children were fantastic ambassadors for the school.

After a forces workshop we explored the park, trying to squeeze in as many rides as possible.

We almost forgot to eat!



Football – Gold medals!

On Thursday 21st March 2019 Ms Mays picked a Year 5 football team (along with two Year 6) and they were Hector, Cody, Harry G, Sid, Freddie, Noah D, Marley, James, Aden, Ethan and Timmy. They successfully got a gold medal. They lost the initial league but then they came back with a victory in the lower tier. In the final they won 2-0 with Hector scoring the first and Harry G the second against Ringwood B. At the presentation they proudly walked up to receive their prize. Then they went home to show their carers their success!

Written by Cody and Hector