Year 6 – Fire safety

This week year 6 welcomed Karen from Hampshire fire and rescue who explored with us keeping safe from fire. We discussed the risks found in our homes as well as the importance of checking our smoke detectors once a week. Karen then talked to us about getting out of our house in the quickest (and safest) way and we designed our own escape route plans to share with our families.

Year 6 Science

Do you know your Bronchus from your Alveoli? Year 6 have been learning all about the circulatory system and today explored the lungs. We built our own lung system, labelled the key parts before explaining how the lungs work and the key functions.

Year 6 English

Year 6 have been exploring figurative language and have now used it in their own rain descrption writing. Can you spot the any of the skills we looked at in this piece of writing?

  • Personification
  • Onomatopoeia
  • Simile
  • Alliteration
  • Metaphor
  • Punctuation for effect

Year 6 Animations

Year 6 have turned their hand to being animators. Creating their own characters, scenes and stories we have shot and discovered how many photos it takes to make a very short animation! Most of all we all had fun and were excited to share our finished animations with one another.

Year 6 – More science!

In science this week we have been exploring how light is reflected and refracted. Who knew why a straw never looks straight when looking at it through a glass filled with water? Well we now understand it is not our eyes playing a trick on us, but the light refracting!

Year 6 – Science

This week in science we have kicked off our electricity learning by making predictions, testing and then explaining our knowledge.

We used lots of electrical components to build our circuits and test them out, giving reasons for them working and not working. We then were set the challenge to see who could design and build the ‘trickiest’ electrical circuit!

Year 6 Activity week

What a fantastic week we have had with such an array of exciting activities. We have learnt how to mould a frog from clay using joining techniques and then paint it meticulously using acrylics. On Wednesday, we were engineers constructing a box from balsa wood which we then created into Xbox and Playstation controller boxes.

We have den built, played sports, decorated biscuits (in the most extravagant ways) and learnt that printing can be so much fun. Luckily, we have been adorned with art shirts all week to keep clean!

Today we are going to have fun on our bikes or scooters (rain permitting) and then chill this afternoon watching a film and a few treats to nibble on.

It has been a really super week and we have enjoyed all being together and it being such a great team!