Year 6 – More science!

In science this week we have been exploring how light is reflected and refracted. Who knew why a straw never looks straight when looking at it through a glass filled with water? Well we now understand it is not our eyes playing a trick on us, but the light refracting!

Year 6 – Science

This week in science we have kicked off our electricity learning by making predictions, testing and then explaining our knowledge.

We used lots of electrical components to build our circuits and test them out, giving reasons for them working and not working. We then were set the challenge to see who could design and build the ‘trickiest’ electrical circuit!

Year 6 Activity week

What a fantastic week we have had with such an array of exciting activities. We have learnt how to mould a frog from clay using joining techniques and then paint it meticulously using acrylics. On Wednesday, we were engineers constructing a box from balsa wood which we then created into Xbox and Playstation controller boxes.

We have den built, played sports, decorated biscuits (in the most extravagant ways) and learnt that printing can be so much fun. Luckily, we have been adorned with art shirts all week to keep clean!

Today we are going to have fun on our bikes or scooters (rain permitting) and then chill this afternoon watching a film and a few treats to nibble on.

It has been a really super week and we have enjoyed all being together and it being such a great team!

Fordingbridge Twinning

Celebrating Creativity!

The Town Hall was packed on Thursday, as parents and participants gathered to receive their awards for the Youth Competition 2018, organised every two years by the Fordingbridge Twinning Association.

The theme this year was ‘100 Years’, celebrating the centenary of the end of World War 1. There were two levels of entry for primary school children:  Year 6 and Year 5 and below.  The competition also extends to Year 11 at secondary and it was lovely to see many old pupils still exhibiting the confidence and creativity we saw in those earlier years

Town Mayor, Malcolm Connolly, presented the awards and we were well represented with eight winners from Year 5 and an overall cup winner from Year 6. Congratulations to Hannah Janes, Libby Wallace, Eleanor May, Masie Somerset, Arabella Coulthard, Holly Harper, Emily Smith, Robyn Sims and Abi Theobald for their articulate and thoughtful letters to a child in 100 years and to Oscar Pike for his beautifully evocative multi-media image of a scene from World War 1 (which Fordingbridge Museum are hoping to display in the near future).

Maths Challenge

Well done to both Year 6 and Year 4 pupils who travelled to Bryanston School to take part in the Annual Maths Challenge – with two of our Year 6 boys coming second in their competition. What a fantastic achievement considering 25 local schools took part, many of which were from the independent sector.

The competition involves the pupils teaming up in pairs to solve many different kinds of maths problems against the clock.

Despite the nerves and the pressure, they all thoroughly enjoyed it and, as always, were a credit to the school.



Year 6 Trip to Winchester Science Museum

On Wednesday 13th December, the whole of Year Six went to Winchester Science Museum as part of our iRobot unit.  Although the start was a little delayed, we had a fabulous day.  Each class had a 90 minute Lego Mindstorm session, where we had to program a robot to move over increasingly complicated courses.  Resilience was required by the bucket load!  The rest of the time, we were able to explore the myriad of fantastic, interactive science exhibits.

The enthusiasm of the children was superb and the behaviour exceptional.  The manager of the museum fed back how impressed he was with the FJS children and how a group had helped a lost child by asking centre staff for help.

Thank you to all those who picked the children up late, so that we could have such a brilliant day out and a massive thank you to Mrs Reeves, Mrs Osborne and Mrs Martin who came with us.



Year 4
In 4RP we have been learning about fractions of an amount in maths and on Friday we applied our knowledge into an tricky investigation. In art, we have started to look at samba headdresses which we are going to make next week. We used pictures to give us ideas and to create our final design. In Literacy we have been learning about write adverts for either Rio or Southampton.


This week in literacy we have been writing a ‘just so’ story about a chosen animal. In maths we have been doing an investigation about a game involving lots of our maths skills. We had to calculate the longest and shortest ways to get to 20 using a game board. Everybody was working hard and had fun at the same time!


This week 5AG have had lots of fun learning about the rainforest. We learned about tribes and had a ‘tribal visitor’!
Also we wrote ‘just so’ stories in English and learned about reflection in maths!


Year 6
In year 6 we have enjoyed our science learning.
We have been exploring how we hear and learning the different parts of
the ear and how sound travels to your brain. We started learning sign language
and played sign language hang man.