School Council has Lunch with HC3S

School Council was invited for a special lunch with HC3S to discuss school dinners at FJS, which may have an impact in schools across Hampshire. We were treated to a free school lunch and some new menu creations as we discussed our likes and dislikes on the menu as well as our ideas for new choices. School Council will be asking children across the school to voice their opinions and we are working on a competition to spice up the school menu coming to a classroom near you soon!

Toilet Twinning

Fordingbridge Junior School is now a toilet twinned school!

Thanks to donations, we are very proud that our toilets are now twinned with a school toilet block in Bolero, Rumphi District, Malawi.

1 in 3 people worldwide don’t have a loo, so FJS decided to get involved in Toilet Twinning to help flush away poverty. For more information please see

Thank you for your support.

Children in Need 2017

On Friday 17th November, FJS opened its doors to a variety of costumes beginning with the letter C. Children (and staff) came creatively dressed as cowboys, cats, crocodiles and Captain Underpants! We embraced the day with a collection of wonderful characters and raised lots of money for Children in Need. The children worked in their classes to create coin art display using the coins they collected. After school, cakes of all shapes and sizes were sold by their hundreds in the hall.

Thank you to everyone who donated money, cakes and time in creating costumes for the children to wear.

Miss Card

Year 3 Ukulele lessons

Christmas is coming!

Year 3 is enjoying practicing Christmas songs ready to perform at the Christmas Concert in a few weeks time.

After a few sore fingers and thumbs, the children have now learnt all the chords for the ukulele, some of which have been very tricky indeed. They are sounding fantastic and have gained in confidence over the weeks. The teachers are having fun too!

Thank you to Hampshire Music.

Year 3 PE

This half term Year 3 are focusing on Football and working hard to improve their skills.

We have been enjoying using the school field and in the first two lessons we have been working on dribbling and passing skills.

We are looking forward to building on our skills and playing some fun mini matches.

FJS Bake Off!

Years 3 and 4 had a Bake Off Assembly on Wednesday (15 November).

Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry would have been so proud of our children!

Children learnt how to make cup cakes using different flavour yogurts, then they used the empty yoghurt pot as their measuring tool for all the other ingredients. Very clever!

Panic set in when the cakes needed to be baked because of a power cut but it didn’t last long and the children were able to enjoy eating them later on in the day.  Scrummy!

Year 5 – Spellings

Y5NG have introduced Spelling Supremos:  pupils who have a secure knowledge of the words expected to be correctly spelled in Year 5.

These pupils are spreading their knowledge and skills, mentoring their peers.  Every morning, they meet two or three other pupils for 10 minutes to help them practice and improve their accuracy.

Joseph said: “This is fun and I think it will help us improve in our spelling tests.”

We hope working like this will help us all improve our spelling.

Mrs Graham


Year 3 Maths and Science

Science – Forces

This week Year 3 have been investigating forces. They have been looking at the new play equipment in the playground and identifying which forces are in action.

Maths – Collecting data

This week in Maths we are collecting, presenting and interpreting data. The whole year group worked together to collect data that we can use in our learning for the rest of the week.

Anti-Bullying Afternoon


Friday afternoon was spent in house groups at FJS, learning about Anti-Bullying. This year’s theme was ‘All Different All Equal’. The children discussed how boring it would be if we were all the same. Film clips from Zootopia and Diary of a Wimpy Kid were used to understand bullying behaviour and to show how trying to make our friends ‘cool’ isn’t necessarily the best way to support people who aren’t like us.

Finally, children passed two apples around the circle. The first apple was complimented with kind words and the second spoken to with mean words. When we cut the apples open, we realised one apple had been bruised inside by the unkind words and, therefore, how much effect those unkind comments have on a person deep inside.

It was a fantastic session for the children (and staff).


Year 5 Gymnastics

Year 5 had a visiting gymnastics specialist one day this week and he certainly put us through our paces. We learned the five basic shapes and the different ways we could apply them. Thank you Mr Warland for an enjoyable and productive lesson.  Look out for our pointed toes, straight legs and flat palms.

Now we know what quality gymnastics look like, we won’t be settling for anything less!