Governors’ update: behaviour

Last Friday myself and fellow governor, Lesley Walter, came into school to conduct our annual behaviour survey with children.

We interviewed eight children from across the school and asked them a list of questions about school rules, rewards, sanctions and fairness.

It is the third year I have done this and, as always, it was an absolute pleasure to meet the children, who were a credit to the school and their families.

Just to pick a couple of highlights – all the children answered an emphatic ‘yes’ to the following two questions:

Do you feel safe in school? And

Is everybody treated the same?

Additionally, all the children showed a great knowledge of the school rules.

Georgina Godden, Vice-Chair of Governors

Kwik Cricket Tournament

On Monday 18th June 2018, me and fellow FJS students went to a Kwik Cricket tournament in Fawley. We all loved it and I personally thought it was awesome. We played 160 minutes altogether and we were left exhausted. We won 2 out of 4 games, which is good for not having much experience.

From Year 6 Connor, Sam, Max, Will and Ethan played. From Year 4, Sid and Hector played.

A big thank you to Ms Mays and Mr Harris for taking us. 🙂

Written by Hector, 4HL

Year 5 – River Trip

Who doesn’t like messing about in rivers?

This week, Year 5 found a geographical reason to do just that.  In past years, we have worried about muddy  banks, sudden water surges and rain. Our biggest concerns this year were heat stroke and whether there would be much water in our local streams. On the coolest day in a long while, we set off to measure widths, depths and speeds.

Our two, contrasting locations were Sweatford Water Meadows (where many local people walk their dogs) and the Parsonage Park part of Sweatford Water.

Many, many thanks to the intrepid adults who accompanied us and without whom we would not be able to undertake ‘hazardous pursuits’ in our local area.