Year 4 campaign for the New Forest


Wow, Miss Dickinson and Mrs Graham were in for a treat this week when Year 4 came in buzzing with their learning unit homework. They were set the task of creating a campaign to minimise the effects of negative human impact in The New Forest.

The children presented their campaigns confidently and we enjoyed seeing the effort as well as the wide range of presentations.

We enjoyed PowerPoint’s, models of a not and then if we were to drop litter, posters (some even displayed in the forest), email communication to companies, litter picking membership clubs and even a letter with a reply from Councillor Desmond Swayne.

The quality and effort was so amazing we even invited the local press in to find out what we had been up to and what amazing New Forest citizens we can be – keep your eyes peeled for our story in the paper!

DSCF6204 DSCF6206 DSCF6207 DSCF6208


Harvest at FJS

During this week children have been organising their donations to our Harvest celebrations at FJS.

Mr Parsons from the Trussell Trust presented an assembly to the whole school and thanked them for their generous donations.

A little information about the Trussall Trust:
The foodbank is now firmly established in South Wiltshire and was given the Queen’s Jubilee for service to the community in 2003.  It was set up by The Trussell Trust (Registered Charity No 1110522), a Christian charity, and is committed to launching life changing, sustainable community based projects.
The foodbank provides short term emergency food to people in crisis.  Food is given as an intervention strategy which allows care professionals, such as Church Pastoral Workers, Health Visitors, Social Services etc, time to put longer term measures in place.  Last year the foodbank distributed over 38 tonnes of food to 4,054 people, of which 1,563 were children.  People are given enough food for at least 3 days.  We would be delighted if the children could support this charity.Trussell Trust

Meet our Guys!

Every class was set the challenge to build the best Guy for our firework event. With the competition on each class set to work on their secret plans to construct their masterpieces!

After much stuffing, creating and fun our creations were complete.

I think you will agree they are all wonderful and all got their own style!




Year 3 Class Museum

Year 3 have been lucky to have a special loans box full of prehistoric objects. We have been learning all about the objects that are left behind in the archaeological record which tell us about the people living in Britain over 2000 years ago.

DSCF2858 DSCF2860

The objects, loaned by Wessex Archaeology, were a fantastic resource inspiring Year 3 to research and write labels for our class museum about the Stone and Bronze Ages. After a year discussion and vote, we decided to arrange the objects in our museum in chronological order. Starting with Palaeolithic (Old Stone Age) handaxes through to a lovely replica of a Bronze Age Beaker pot.

DSCF2865 DSCF2861

Year 3 invited 5JH to come and visit our museum. Our museum curators expertly explained how we had created the museum and showed them some of our favourite objects. Our professional curators even answered questions from Year 5, all whilst being dressed in prehistoric clothing!

A big thank you to Wessex Archaeology for the loan of the box of historical goodies.

Year 3 welcome Prehistoric Visitors

Year 3 welcomed Ryan, visiting all the way from the Bronze Age (via Butser Ancient Farm). We were able to handle objects (both real and replica) that dated back nearly 5000 years. These included Bronze axes, flint axes, Beaker pots and a cattle shoulder blade shovel! Amy even managed to get a fantastic sound from a cow horn (the Bronze Age equivalent of a trumpet!) Whilst Marley tested out some ancient cow toe ice skates.

We made a fantastic noise blowing a cattle horn

We made a fantastic noise blowing a cattle horn

We handled real and replica Bronze Age objects

We handled real and replica Bronze Age objects

We had a go at making some bronze jewellery rings with great success. By twisting some copper wire using fingers and pliers we created some spiral masterpieces that any Bronze Age person would be happy to wear.


We twisted wire to make Bronze Age rings


We also learnt about Bronze Age burials and their grave goods. Recreating a grave, we looked at the reasons behind each object placed with the body and compared Bronze Age objects with their modern equivalents.


A modern equivalent of Bronze Age burial


We recreated a Bronze Age burial


We also welcomed Owain from Salisbury Museum to Year 3. By this point we were able to identify many of the artefacts he brought along, although there were still some new ones to learn about. We learnt how archaeologists investigate the past and by digging trenches. Then we each got an artefact to explore and write a report about including a special hammerstone from Stonehenge.