Happy Easter

Morning Year 6,

We hope you are all keeping busy and helping out at home. Don’t forget next week is the school holidays! Your challenge is to do something to help in the house each day and do something to make each member of your household feel appreciated.

You could comment here to share what you have done to help out at home.

Have a good Easter Break!

Mrs Ellis and Mrs Jenkins


4 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. Hi everyone this is Grace I hope you are all doing well

    I have:
    Cooked twice, cleaned the cars, brushed the cats, brushed the dog, lay the table, cleaned out the cats litter trays, walked the dog, dusted, gone shopping for grandparents, taken things to the tip, bathed the dog, cutting the animals nails and other grooming things.
    I have also cleared out and and cleaned the hole of my sisters flat.

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