Year 3 – Roman work sharing

Pupils of year 3 were feeling very proud this week when showing their amazing shields.  They were able to give us lots of interesting facts about Roman times including how they used the shields and how they were made:  the range of food they ate: Roman baths: and were able to list some of the well-known Emperors.  Well done Year 3!

Year 6 – Fire safety

This week year 6 welcomed Karen from Hampshire fire and rescue who explored with us keeping safe from fire. We discussed the risks found in our homes as well as the importance of checking our smoke detectors once a week. Karen then talked to us about getting out of our house in the quickest (and safest) way and we designed our own escape route plans to share with our families.

Year 3 RE Day

Year 3 had an RE Day this week which was all about marriage ceremonies.  We learnt about the traditions and the importance of marriage ceremonies, and Ross Sinkinson from Alderholt Chapel spoke to them in more detail.

In the afternoon, we looked at Jewish marriage ceremonies and how they compared to Christian ones and shared our thoughts and feelings of marriage.


Year 3 Maths

We had a fun Maths lesson this week.  The children were looking at estimating and measuring items around the classroom.  They were estimating in millimetres, centimetres and metres, and were measuring all sorts of things such as pencils, pens, tables, whiteboards and the height of the door frame!  They were also measuring height of each other.  Lots of fun learning!

E-Safety for Parents

 These are the most popular apps used by our Year 6 children

  • 41% of parents feel their children know more about being online than they do
  • The average time spent online by a 8-11 year old is 13.5 hours per week
  • 40% of children who have their own tablet are allowed to take their device to bed
  • 77% of children regularly use YouTube as a form of entertainment
  • 42% of parents have no knowledge of content filters
  • 19% of parents with children 5-15 have never spoken to them about the risks online

These are just some of the figures we explored at a recent e-safety session for parents, as well as looking at practical suggestions for keeping children safe online.

The presentation is available here if you were unable to make the session –