Internet Safer Day 2018

On Friday 9th February the whole school took part in celebrating Internet Safer Day.

This year the theme was :Create, Connect and Share Respect. A better internet starts with you. During a  whole school assembly we spoke about taking responsibility for our actions online and always considering the consequences of our online activity, as well as how we can make others feel.

It was then back to our classes to discuss and share our thoughts on not only keeping ourselves safe online, but also exploring that it is so difficult to get rid of anything posted online and how our digital footprint is there to stay.

To end the afternoon we all set ourselves a good deed to complete online to make ourselves of others feel better about themselves. It will be great to hear how many of us have completed our good deeds.

For more information on Internet Safer Day 2018 follow this link –

History Research in Year 5

Once again, pupils are trying their hand at teaching in Year 5.

Our learning unit homework was to research an Anglo-Saxon or Viking person of our choice and there were certainly some grizzly characters around to rival Grim Graham!

Congratulations to all who used creativity and independence as well as communication skills.

Special mentions to Tom (who read aloud to the whole class really confidently and took questions), Fin S (whose presentation looked like professional publishing), Kai (who put together a comprehensive powerpoint) and Holly (whose larger than life – literally – Viking caught all our attention).

HATS coming next to Year 5!

Any unused hats out there (fabric ones especially) we could use to investigate how hats are made, how they are similar and different, etc. please bring them in clearly stating if they are to be returned!!!


Year 4 Sambatastic!

Class 4HL bloggers wrote:

Year 4 has been working hard on making some groovy music, based on the Samba rhythm. Both classes managed to create a band. They used a variety of instruments that are similar to the ones they heard when researching the Rio Carnival. On Thursday 8 February, they performed a show for parents. It was fabulous!

Year 4 have created beautiful Samba headdresses. They used their creative imaginations to produce amazing pieces of art. Year 4 used different materials for their imaginative creations, which they shared with their parents.

Miss Card wrote:

Year 4 have been creating Sambatastic headdresses for our topic during art. After designing our headdresses, we made prototypes to practise our skills and see if we wanted to make any changes. Then we used card, along with a variety of sparkly, fluffy and soft accessories to decorate our headdresses inspired by Rio Carnival in Brazil. I was impressed by the great skill, patience and team work shown across the class as they helped each other.

Year 4 – Miracle Maths Measurers

Year 4 have been learning to convert measures between millilitres and litres. Lots of children were busily writing these conversions in their books whilst trying to remember to include the unit of measure! Other children were working hard to match the different measurements.

We are wondering if you know how to convert 5000ml in litres? And which measurement would you use to measure the capacity of a mug?

Year 5 – Orienteering

A big thank you to Ms Mays and her able assistant, Hilary Pickering, for coming in to work with us on orienteering.

We have gone from walking around a grid of cones to careering around the wild open spaces (of our field) and our map reading skills were very evident to see.

What fun in the brisk spring sunshine.

Thanks also to our friends in Year 6 who helped with all the admin and setting up.

Year 3 – An Underwater Empire

Today in 3DP the children shared their topic homework of their own underwater empire from a British coast and we had a fantastic assortment.

From creative box scenes, PowerPoint presentations and a cake, to a Youtube home video clip about seahorses and cuttlefish.

We learnt about basking sharks, jellyfish, cuttlefish and sponges to name just a few, as well as learning some information about the Mary Rose. One child did a fantastic project about plastic waste on our beaches, which created an interesting class discussion.

I was so impressed with what children knew and it was wonderful to hear about their own stories, which included a dad being nipped by a baby shark, and another story of how a fish was saved from being trapped in a plastic bag.

Well done 3DP.

Year 5 – Let’s Make Some Dough!

First we tasted all sorts of supermarket breads. (Ask us which we preferred and why.)

Then we tasted a basic stoneground, wholewheat recipe.  That divided opinion!

Yesterday we researched possible flavours from the time (Anglo-Saxon or Viking) and

ways to shape a bread roll.

At last, we completed the process and they went into the oven, all ready to share with parents/carers the next day!

Maths Challenge

Well done to both Year 6 and Year 4 pupils who travelled to Bryanston School to take part in the Annual Maths Challenge – with two of our Year 6 boys coming second in their competition. What a fantastic achievement considering 25 local schools took part, many of which were from the independent sector.

The competition involves the pupils teaming up in pairs to solve many different kinds of maths problems against the clock.

Despite the nerves and the pressure, they all thoroughly enjoyed it and, as always, were a credit to the school.



Year 5 Orienteering

Thanks to the help of our orienteering expert, Ms Mays, we were able to really develop our skills.

Today the focus was on reading a map or route accurately and we followed routes as well as working out the different symbols we might encounter.

Next week, we move on to a real course…