Year 4 Sambatastic!

Class 4HL bloggers wrote:

Year 4 has been working hard on making some groovy music, based on the Samba rhythm. Both classes managed to create a band. They used a variety of instruments that are similar to the ones they heard when researching the Rio Carnival. On Thursday 8 February, they performed a show for parents. It was fabulous!

Year 4 have created beautiful Samba headdresses. They used their creative imaginations to produce amazing pieces of art. Year 4 used different materials for their imaginative creations, which they shared with their parents.

Miss Card wrote:

Year 4 have been creating Sambatastic headdresses for our topic during art. After designing our headdresses, we made prototypes to practise our skills and see if we wanted to make any changes. Then we used card, along with a variety of sparkly, fluffy and soft accessories to decorate our headdresses inspired by Rio Carnival in Brazil. I was impressed by the great skill, patience and team work shown across the class as they helped each other.

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