Year 4 Museum Visit

On Tuesday 22 January, all Year 4 and 5 children had the opportunity to visit The Salisbury Museum. We all had a really interesting day with Owain and his volunteers. We learnt lots about the Saxons and how they settled in and around Salisbury, the museum was exciting to explore and the children enjoyed looking at all the skeletons on display!

Next week Owain and the volunteers will be coming into school to teach us more about how museums are set up. They will be helping us to prepare for our own Museum, which will be open to friends and family on Friday 1 February from 2:30- 3:30pm.

Year 4 orienteering

This week Year 4 have been learning about orienteering in PE lessons. We learnt about the symbols used on Ordnance Survey maps and how orienteering was first introduced by the Swedish armed forces. In these pictures we are playing a team game where we had to match the symbol with the meaning.


Year 4 Maths

Year 4 have been learning how to present data in tables and bar graphs. On Thursday we had the chance to apply our skills to our own data when we had a mini rugby skills tournament in 4HL and Mr Williams kept a record of our scores using a data table. We then returned to class and turned our data into bar graphs.

Year 4 Treehouses

In year 4, we have been developing ideas for our tree house sculptures. We will be making these next week and presenting them to parents at work share. Please come along on Thursday 18th at 2:45pm to see our final pieces!

Year 4 – Story Writing Success

One of our year 4 boys enjoyed a star-studded day out in London last week, as a finalist in the BBC Radio 2 500 words competition.

Hector reached the top 50 of the short story competition out of a record 135,000 entries.
His story – Bob and the Plastic Pirates – was recorded by the BBC Radio Drama Company and can be heard/read here:
The final was held at Hampton Court Palace during the recording of the Chris Evans Breakfast Show, with the Duchess of Cornwall – the competition’s honorary judge – in attendance.
Hector’s friends in year 4 were able to listen in!
On the day he was lucky enough to meet celebrities including David Walliams, Jim Broadbent, Alexandra Burke and Jason Isaacs (Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter films).
Hector also chatted with children’s author Malorie Blackman who, when she knew 4HL had read her book, Operation Gadgetman, asked Hector to say hello to the class from her.

Body Coach Workout with Year 4

On 14th March, Year 4 did Joe Wicks’ school workout. 3 words – it was tiring! Boys were panting for breath and girls were sweating. But Year 4 achieved it. Just like our school motto – Believe, Strive, Achieve. We had to do star jumps, running on the spot etc. Afterwards our thighs felt more tight and muscly. Do you know who can achieve anything just like Year 4?? You!!

Even Miss Card had a go at the exercises, this is one of the stretches!

Year 4 Bloggers

The following blogs were written by Alice and Katie in Year 4…

23 February: Maths Equivalent

Today in Maths we learnt about equivalent fractions. This means two fractions can equal the same amount. For example: 1/2 is the same as 2/4 or 2/6 is the same as 4/12. We’ve also learnt to shade in a fraction to show a half.

28 February: Snow again

Snow again! What was the weather thinking? It must be out of its mind! It hasn’t snowed in Fordingbridge for four years – but this time FJS struck lucky!

On this exact date (28 February 2018), 6cm of snow came our way! At break time the children at FJS were playing with the snow, making snowballs, snowmen and much much more!

Even Miss Gray and Mrs Ellis were throwing snowballs, Mrs Ellis threw four and Miss Gray threw three, so Mrs Ellis won! We all had a brilliant time out in the crunchy, pearl, white snow! We hope it all comes back!

Year 4 Sambatastic!

Class 4HL bloggers wrote:

Year 4 has been working hard on making some groovy music, based on the Samba rhythm. Both classes managed to create a band. They used a variety of instruments that are similar to the ones they heard when researching the Rio Carnival. On Thursday 8 February, they performed a show for parents. It was fabulous!

Year 4 have created beautiful Samba headdresses. They used their creative imaginations to produce amazing pieces of art. Year 4 used different materials for their imaginative creations, which they shared with their parents.

Miss Card wrote:

Year 4 have been creating Sambatastic headdresses for our topic during art. After designing our headdresses, we made prototypes to practise our skills and see if we wanted to make any changes. Then we used card, along with a variety of sparkly, fluffy and soft accessories to decorate our headdresses inspired by Rio Carnival in Brazil. I was impressed by the great skill, patience and team work shown across the class as they helped each other.

Year 4 – Miracle Maths Measurers

Year 4 have been learning to convert measures between millilitres and litres. Lots of children were busily writing these conversions in their books whilst trying to remember to include the unit of measure! Other children were working hard to match the different measurements.

We are wondering if you know how to convert 5000ml in litres? And which measurement would you use to measure the capacity of a mug?

Maths Challenge

Well done to both Year 6 and Year 4 pupils who travelled to Bryanston School to take part in the Annual Maths Challenge – with two of our Year 6 boys coming second in their competition. What a fantastic achievement considering 25 local schools took part, many of which were from the independent sector.

The competition involves the pupils teaming up in pairs to solve many different kinds of maths problems against the clock.

Despite the nerves and the pressure, they all thoroughly enjoyed it and, as always, were a credit to the school.