Year 4 Treehouses

The week commencing 14th October was an exciting one for Year 4. We knew we had our treehouse sculptures to complete so off we went into the forest on Tuesday afternoon to find the perfect stick to hold our rooms and all the compartments we needed.

Wednesday kicked off with 4AG anxiously wondering if our clay bases had set and 4WM attaching their clay bases with great caution. The rest of Wednesday was spent with both classes completing their attachments to hang, balance or fix to their treehouse.

Along came Thursday. Finally, the day where our treehouses would take shape. Lots of balancing and precarious precision to ensure our treehouses were perfect.

Friday was the time to show off to parents. Lots of happy children smiles and slightly worried parents faces filled the classes as they wondered how they would house such huge sculptures. With that being said, I had some superb comments from parents who were proud of the artistic ability, carefully assembling and overall creativity.

We’d like to congratulate the whole of Year 4 on the motivation, resilience and teamwork skills they used over the week to overcome any obstacle in their way and magpie ideas from willing peers.

Year 3 and 4 Football

What an amazing start to our sporting calendar! These 10 Year 3 and 4 boys took part in a Football competition at Ringwood School on Thursday 26th September. They competed against 5 other teams from the local area and came out on top winning first place! Arriving back at school they were all greeted by proud teachers who applauded their efforts.

Proudly, the boys have been wearing their medals and commenting on how much fun they had. Well done boys your hard work and effort paid off!

Inclusive ‘Can Do’ Festival

This year we have started with an exciting bang by being involved with lots of sporting events. On Wednesday 25th September,   these children were selected to represent Fordingbridge Junior School in an Inclusive Can Do Festival.

This took place at Testwood Sports College in Totton and the children represented us really well by being polite and great sportsman.

As you can see from the smiles on their faces the enjoyed their day and gave 100% effort throwing themselves into all the activities.

Natalie, 4AG- “ I had so much fun and I really enjoyed the activities. I also saw a friend who had a different type of cerebral palsy and it was nice that we could all participate together”

Letters to Dubai

Last Term Year 3 and 4 wrote letters to a school in Dubai hoping that the children there will reply and we will be able to strike up some great friendships and learn about their culture.

Mrs Ellis was lucky enough to deliver the letters and have a look around their school.


Year 4 Electricity

This week Year 4 have been making electrical circuits. We have been learning that electricity needs a continuous loop for the circuit and that batteries must be the correct way around in the battery holder in order for the bulb to light up. It has been a testing time as we used our problem solving skills to work out why circuits were, at times, not working.

Year 4: Fairthorne Manor

As you can see from the pictures, Year 4 children and staff have all had an exciting but challenging time at Fairthorne Manor. We have had highs and lows,  crawling under ‘electric wires’ in the cloggy clay at the Team Challenge and seeing who could build the tallest crate tower without it toppling and being left dangling in the air.

Many children faced their fears, climbing the vertical assault, reaching new levels on every turn and often asking to have another go and beat their last attempt. They also loved the Aerial Runway, a zip wire that took them over a tributary of the River Hamble.

In the evening, we were led on a night walk by our lead instructor Cam, we tested out night vision and learnt a little more about why pirates wore eye patches – please ask your child about this and I am sure they will demonstrate.

Over the two days, YMCA and Fordingbridge staff were incredibly impressed by the behaviour of all children on the trip and their enthusiasm to tackle all of the activities. This year’s trip to Fairthorne Manor was a brilliant success and we thank you for allowing your child to experience the opportunities that Fairthorne gives. Well done to all of Year 4, we had a fantastic time!

Year 4 Museum Visit

On Tuesday 22 January, all Year 4 and 5 children had the opportunity to visit The Salisbury Museum. We all had a really interesting day with Owain and his volunteers. We learnt lots about the Saxons and how they settled in and around Salisbury, the museum was exciting to explore and the children enjoyed looking at all the skeletons on display!

Next week Owain and the volunteers will be coming into school to teach us more about how museums are set up. They will be helping us to prepare for our own Museum, which will be open to friends and family on Friday 1 February from 2:30- 3:30pm.

Year 4 orienteering

This week Year 4 have been learning about orienteering in PE lessons. We learnt about the symbols used on Ordnance Survey maps and how orienteering was first introduced by the Swedish armed forces. In these pictures we are playing a team game where we had to match the symbol with the meaning.


Year 4 Maths

Year 4 have been learning how to present data in tables and bar graphs. On Thursday we had the chance to apply our skills to our own data when we had a mini rugby skills tournament in 4HL and Mr Williams kept a record of our scores using a data table. We then returned to class and turned our data into bar graphs.