Avon Tyrell Update

Year 4 have settled in to Avon Tyrell as if it were a second home. After lunch we completed two activities ranging from tree climbing, archery and pioneering.

Next came a hearty dinner (some people even had seconds) and a delicious dessert of apple crumble and custard.

Following this was time to tidy rooms and sort bedding. A skill that lots had perfected but some had no covers and messy rooms 🙂


Finally was the night walk which involved learning about the history of the grounds and playing some games which I hope the children will show you.

Currently, most children are asleep as our busy day has worn them out. Let’s home myself and Mr McKellar get a good night sleep as well.

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to add photos as I’m working from my mobile phone but we will hopefully set up a reliable WiFi signal tomorrow to be able to upload pictures with the text.

All is well and we will upload a post at a similar time tomorrow evening depending on the bedtime tomorrow.


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