Head Teacher’s Blog

Week beginning 22 January 2018

On Monday Mrs Ovenden and I undertook a learning walk through the school, during which we saw children hard at work in maths or English. It is always wonderful to see the children being independent in their learning, making choices on whether they need extra support or moving themselves to their next challenge. To be able to reflect on your own learning and have the determination to move it forward is an excellent skill to have.

Not only do we have children excelling in school, we also have those who continually impress outside of school.  We are especially proud of Flo who decided she wanted to raise some money for the World Wildlife Fund, so she baked lots of cakes and invited her friends and neighbours over to have tea and cake and make a donation one day after school.

In total she raised £110! I think it’s a great effort. Well done Flo!

Head teacher’s blog

Week beginning 15/01/2018

Another busy week at FJS this week. The children are once again fully immersed in their learning having had a break over Christmas.

This week our assembly theme is the celebration of all families and what families mean to us. We used the McCain advert to stimulate talk around family structures and that no matter what our family looks like the most important things are love, care and respect. We also discussed the class family, school family and wider community family and the role each individual plays within this.

This week I have seen year 3 enjoying their new dance PE sessions, year 5 exploring the lives of Vikings through a variety of different ways like drama and role play and year 6 explore ways of expressing ideas  through poetry.  I look forward to the sounds of Samba music filtering through from Year 4.

Classroom visits

On Tuesday 7 November we held our second Parent/Headteacher question and answer session, followed by parents joining their child in the classroom to work alongside them.

Parent’s views are invaluable and a meaningful constructive discussion was held around communication. Thank you for your thoughts.

At 9.15am parents joined their child in class. Parents commented on their enjoyment of being in the class, as well as being amazed and what they experienced.

All parents are welcome at these open sessions. It would be lovely to see more parents at the next one on the 7 December at 8.45am.

Mrs Robertson