Singing at Godolphin School

As a school, we were invited to attend a singing event at Godolphin School in Salisbury, which included singing workshops and a performance to parents at the end of the day. A group of 13 children from all years went along for the day who were joined by another primary school in the area, and all had a fantastic time.

After juice and biscuits on arrival (and break!), they learned some interesting breathing exercises to help them breathe properly for singing, which also involved laying on the floor. They then practised the five songs they’ve been learning over the weeks which included ‘Up on the roof’, ‘You’ve got a friend in me’, ‘When I grow up’ and an African song.

In the afternoon, the two choirs were joined by the Godolphin choir from Years 7 and 8 and the performance sounded beautiful. FJS children did the school proud because they performed wonderfully and behaved impeccably. The children also thoroughly enjoyed the long lunchbreak exploring the expansive grounds too!

School Council News

The school Council were lucky to be invited to The Regal Cinema in Fordingbridge. We had a lovely walk into Fordingbridge and enjoyed the experience of watching the film.

We watched the film Plastic Ocean, which was quite a hard hitting film about the effect of plastic pollution on sea life. As a result of watching the film we have decided to discuss what we can do to help the environment in school.

Year 3 Road Safety

Year 3 enjoyed Safety Day last Friday. We went outside and practiced crossing the road to the swimming pool. All the children remembered to Stop, Look and Listen. We also practiced crossing the road as a group, ready for our walk to the church at Christmas.

Safety Day 2018

On Friday 28th September we held our annual Safety Day in school. The children enjoyed the activities designed to raise their awareness of ways they can keep themselves safe. All the year groups discussed what to do in and emergency, how to call for help and stranger danger. Then Year 3 learned about Road Safety, Year 4 looked at how they can stay safe at the beach, Year 5 learned about Fire Safety and actions to take in the case of a fire and Year 6 talked about Fireworks and how to make sure the Firework code is followed.

Big Sing for Schools Festival

We had BIG fun at the BIG Singing Festival at St Mary’s Church on Monday this week surrounded by the wonderful banners made by our school the previous week.  As part of the Fordingbridge Music and Arts Festival, our school together with other schools in the area, were invited to a singing workshop to learn new songs.

Twenty children from school gathered at the church and were taught many different songs, including lots of fun warm-up songs and African songs which sounded amazing.  Susie Lamb from Salisbury Cathedral School ran the workshop and parents and spectators were able to watch them perform at the end.

Everyone enjoyed themselves.  Thank you to Revd Canon Gary Philbrick for arranging this festival and to Susie Lamb for teaching such inspirational songs.

Mrs Pring

Music Leader

Head Teacher’s Blog

Week beginning 22 January 2018

On Monday Mrs Ovenden and I undertook a learning walk through the school, during which we saw children hard at work in maths or English. It is always wonderful to see the children being independent in their learning, making choices on whether they need extra support or moving themselves to their next challenge. To be able to reflect on your own learning and have the determination to move it forward is an excellent skill to have.

Not only do we have children excelling in school, we also have those who continually impress outside of school.  We are especially proud of Flo who decided she wanted to raise some money for the World Wildlife Fund, so she baked lots of cakes and invited her friends and neighbours over to have tea and cake and make a donation one day after school.

In total she raised £110! I think it’s a great effort. Well done Flo!

St Mary’s Carol Service

The school community enjoyed another lovely evening at the annual FJS Carol Service last week.

With ukulele playing from Year 3; a take on Rudyard Kipling’s ‘If’ from Year 4; a wonderfully mouthwatering round from Year 5; and beautiful reading and singing from Year 6; the evening was a great success and a truly festive occasion. The school choir and orchestra also did us proud.

Thank you to all who came along to join in and to the children and staff for their hard work.