Year 3 Teamwork

Children in Year 3 have been focusing on teamwork this week and working really well together.

In Science they’ve been learning about three different types of rocks – sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous – and having a go at recognising them. Then in English, they’ve been looking at catchy and exciting headlines in newspaper articles and picking out their best, ready to write their own article.


Year 3 Science

This half term Year 3 are learning about the different types of rocks, how they are formed and the rock cycle. We used Mars Bars to show the different types of rock, sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic.

Year 3 Art

Last Tuesday, Year 3 enjoyed an interesting and inspirational visit from local Fordingbridge artist Anthony Dobson. The children were shown a variety of styles of painting and presented with a variety of artists, with some of our children recognising artists form pieces of art they have at home.

Our favourite paintings were of cows and had been painted by Anthony. The children were also able to present their own seascape paintings and have taken ideas in order to add depth and texture to their future works of art.

It was a very valuable learning experience for all and has helped to inspire us to carry on creating some great pieces of art.


Letters to Dubai

Last Term Year 3 and 4 wrote letters to a school in Dubai hoping that the children there will reply and we will be able to strike up some great friendships and learn about their culture.

Mrs Ellis was lucky enough to deliver the letters and have a look around their school.


Year 3 Ukulele

After a term of practising the ukulele, Year 3 did a fantastic performance this week in front of their parents and Year 4.  They sang a total of 5 songs, which included Yellow Submarine and Mamma Mia using various chords.  They’ve come a long way since February and with only 5 lessons too!

Well done Year 3.

Year 3 Music

Music Lesson

This week we enjoyed using instruments to play along to our Food Groups Rock Song. We were able to play along to a rhythm and are going to work on the ‘adlib’ part of the song next week.

Guitar Playing

We were very lucky in Year 3 when Oscar bought his guitar and played Shotgun for us. It was great to listen to and we all enjoyed a lovely sing-a-long.