Fun times in Year 3

With so much going on in the news, it was lovely to see children at school enjoying their time at school.

Year 3 yesterday had a great time learning how to play Bench Ball, which they thoroughly enjoyed and made great use of their defending skills learnt from Netball in Autumn 1.

Today, the children created some fantastic artwork inspired by the daffodils growing in the school’s flower beds which they planted earlier on in the year; created their own Times Tables game which they shared and tested out with their friends and even acted out George and the Dragon as part of our Myths and Legends topic.

Well done Year 3.  Fantastic spirit at school at this unsettling time. 

Year 3 Gymnastics – travelling

Today, Year 3 had great fun in Gymnastics during indoor PE.  They are learning how to find ways of travelling on floor and benches using different parts of their body.   They also had to move in time to the music – two pieces by Peer Gynt.  The children did so well moving to the beat of the music and created brilliant moves in teams across the benches.  We’re very lucky to have some great gymnasts!

Well done Year 3.

Year 3 Roman Day

Year 3 dressed up as Romans today for Roman Day and had a great time.

The children enjoyed looking at some Roman artefacts on the tables from typical clothes to unusual items. They had to work out what they were and came up with some interesting ideas. They learnt more about typical Roman foods and how the rich people ate disgusting foods at banquets. They also tackled tasks about Roman numerals and played a typical Roman board game called Nine Men’s Morris. A fun day was had by all!

Year 3 Visit to Salisbury Museum

Last week Year 3 spent the day at Salisbury Museum. We had a fantastic day, learning about archaeology in the morning and the Romans in the afternoon.

In the morning, we were role played as archaeologists who had be asked to excavate a local field before houses were built on it. We found all sorts of artefacts, including bones, coins and fragments on Roman pottery. We then has the opportunity to make our own fragments of pottery, which will be on display in our own mini museum on February 12th.

In the afternoon, we explored the Wessex Gallery, learning about Roman finds along the south coast. We discovered that a roman mosaic had been found in Downton and this is on display at the museum.


Year 3 Art

Year 3 worked hard on their Delft tiles before half term. They learnt how to roll the clay with a rolling pin and used tools to make indents in the clay to form patterns and pictures from their design in their Art books.

They were then able to show off their tiles to their parents during the Parent Workshare. Well done Year 3.

Year 3 Maths

This week, in Maths, Year 3 have been learning all about shapes. We have enjoyed making shapes with the pegboards and recognising the difference between regular and irregular polygons. We’ve been looking at 2D and 3D shapes, and sorting 3D shapes using Venn Diagrams. Finally, the children had great fun making 3D shapes with playdough.

Year 3 Tennis

This week Year 3 have been playing tennis.

At the beginning of the lesson we recapped what we did in last week’s lesson. We balanced a ball on a racket and counted how long we could balance it for. Then we practised our forehand and played little games of tennis with a partner.

By Year 3 child

Year 3 and 4 Football

What an amazing start to our sporting calendar! These 10 Year 3 and 4 boys took part in a Football competition at Ringwood School on Thursday 26th September. They competed against 5 other teams from the local area and came out on top winning first place! Arriving back at school they were all greeted by proud teachers who applauded their efforts.

Proudly, the boys have been wearing their medals and commenting on how much fun they had. Well done boys your hard work and effort paid off!

Inclusive ‘Can Do’ Festival

This year we have started with an exciting bang by being involved with lots of sporting events. On Wednesday 25th September,   these children were selected to represent Fordingbridge Junior School in an Inclusive Can Do Festival.

This took place at Testwood Sports College in Totton and the children represented us really well by being polite and great sportsman.

As you can see from the smiles on their faces the enjoyed their day and gave 100% effort throwing themselves into all the activities.

Natalie, 4AG- “ I had so much fun and I really enjoyed the activities. I also saw a friend who had a different type of cerebral palsy and it was nice that we could all participate together”