Year 6 Activity week

What a fantastic week we have had with such an array of exciting activities. We have learnt how to mould a frog from clay using joining techniques and then paint it meticulously using acrylics. On Wednesday, we were engineers constructing a box from balsa wood which we then created into Xbox and Playstation controller boxes.

We have den built, played sports, decorated biscuits (in the most extravagant ways) and learnt that printing can be so much fun. Luckily, we have been adorned with art shirts all week to keep clean!

Today we are going to have fun on our bikes or scooters (rain permitting) and then chill this afternoon watching a film and a few treats to nibble on.

It has been a really super week and we have enjoyed all being together and it being such a great team!

Year 4 Treehouses

In year 4, we have been developing ideas for our tree house sculptures. We will be making these next week and presenting them to parents at work share. Please come along on Thursday 18th at 2:45pm to see our final pieces!

Parent Liaison – October

In order for your child/children to excel at home, a school working partnership is essential.

In previous years, school and home links have been made through parents’ evenings, reports, learning unit outcomes, curriculum evenings, reading diaries, 1:1 meeting with parents and school events.

Following the success of our parent liaison last year, we continue having Parent Class Representatives to meet with Mrs Robertson on a regular basis. The hope is that any matters involving the children and the wider community can be brought to these meetings.

Please see below parents who have agreed to stand as representatives this year. If your child’s class does not have a representative and you would like to take on the role please let us know.

Our first meeting took place on the 11th October – to read the minutes from the meeting please follow this link:

Year 5 Cross Country

Some of our sporty Year 5 children travelled to a local competition this week to represent FJS in cross country. The children all did us proud; showing wonderful sportsmanship, resilience, motivation and they achieved some fantastic result.

Well done runners!

Year 5 – Home learning

Home learning projects come in all shapes and sizes – and in all flavours it would seem.

What a fabulous first hoard and thank you all for your creativity and effort.

Take a tour of our living learning trees, leaflets, PowerPoints, posters, booklets, Lego models, model landscapes and head dresses.

You can only taste the delicious cakes with your eyes, I’m afraid.


Year 5 Art

Amazing Amazon Art

We looked at artists who were famous for their tropical-themed landscapes. Then we tried to copy their composition.  After long investigations into colour mixing and making, pencil types and oil and chalk pastels, we tried sketching a monster leaf like the ones we saw in the Tropical House at Marwell Zoo.  I’m sure you’ll agree, we did a great job.

Year 5 Geography

When was the last time you tried to fit the world on a sheet of A4? We may be only nine and ten, but with Miguel’s motivation powering our learning, we can conquer the world in a Geography session.

We couldn’t help ourselves, this Geography business just fills us with curiosity and the questions and conversations were fabulously interesting. We found out what all those lines mean and why there are so many zeros!

We worked out that if we start with GB, Africa will be underneath, the Americas to the left and Asia and Oceana to the right. It was only when we tried to draw Europe that we saw how vast Russia is and it was a surprise to many of us that North America wasn’t just USA.

We look forward to more travels in our Atlases (new and updated last summer).

Year 5 French

Have you met our class friend Miguel? He represents the learning dimension MOTIVATION and we have been exercising plenty of it in Year 5.

Here is the French vocabulary we have been learning to link in with our Rainforest unit of learning. First we learned local forest animals (adding the colours we knew).  Then we learned some exotic tropical animals – who knew a sloth in French is ‘a lazy one’!

Some people had their own vocabulary to add (purple and raspberry) and we also learned the word for stripy which literally means ‘with rays’.

Miguel watched us proudly.

Year 5 writing

Sometimes it’s difficult to manage all the information you want to communicate in one sentence – that’s where () –  –  and ,  ,  come in handy!

Many of us needed a nod from Miguel when we were tackling this tricky grammar skill. The first surprise was that they all do the same job, in slightly different ways.

It took us some time to work out how to keep a main sentence intact but we got there in the end.