Year 5 Marwell Zoo visit

When I was planning this trip, people advised me this was an ill-fated year group, who often received a drenching on their outings.


How lucky were we: every time it rained we were under cover.  The weather didn’t limit our visit to Marwell Zoo at all.

Even better, many animals (especially the big cats) were active and in close view.  The giraffes were positively skittish, cantering around and meeting up in circles like players before a match.

A big thank you to the children for their exemplary behaviour and a warm thank you to the adult volunteers without whom we wouldn’t have been able to take the children out of school.

We look forward to the next adventure!

Year 3 this week!

Year 3 have explored the world this week in our hook for our topic ‘Around Europe in Six weeks’. We wanted to know which countries they knew by giving them traditional clues as well as edible ones!   They had a go at tasting German sausage, African biltong, baguettes and poppadum, so they were very brave! We were very pleased at how knowledgeable they were with their country names – especially knowing the different flags.

They also had a taster session on rugby this week with the Fordingbridge Rugby club, which they really enjoyed.

A great start to the week Year 3!

Whole School Rugby

On Friday 13th September, all year groups had the chance to take part in rugby coaching sessions with Fordingbridge Rugby Football club. They all had a 35 minute session which involved throwing, catching, understandings rules and most importantly having fun. Teachers and children commented on how much they enjoyed themselves and learnt. Lots of children said to me “I’m going to join Rugby now because that was fun”.  I want to say a massive thank you to Mrs Trow for organising the event with Mrs Knapman. I’d also like to say thank you to Fordingbridge Rugby and Football club for their hard work and dedication to ensure all children learnt something and had fun. Finally all children behaved well and joined in showing what amazing pupils we have at Fordingbridge Junior School. Slips have been sent home detailing the coaching that happens at Fordingbridge Rugby and Football Club. Attached are pictures of some of the children in their sessions

Year 5 English

Who said writing wasn’t fun?

 Here we are asking a partner to draw the butterfly we have described.

Some people managed to make butterfly twins while others…let’s just say there were some differences to spot!