Year 5 Work Sharing


All the fun of the fair, this morning as we proudly showed off our individual fairground rides. Inspired by our breath-taking visit to Paultons Park and the result of thinking, prototypes and good old Year 5 creativity, we had carousels, swing rides and ferris wheels of every kind.

A huge thank you to all the adults who came in to celebrate another half term’s endeavour.

Please let us know how you found the early start.

Year 5 Learning Unit Homework

What a range of responses to our Thrills and Spills home learning challenge.
As you can see, our projects were not only informative but also creative.
They came in all shapes and sizes, from powerpoints submitted by memory
Stick or email (Thank you Kai, Emily, Tom and Joseph) to fully operational
3D designs and attractively presented leaflets and posters.
Well done

Year 5 Maths

When was the last time you measured an angle to the nearest degree, using a 360 protractor?

Here we are giving it a go. Using resilience, patience and willingness to get it wrong before we get it right.

Year 5 are challenge-seekers!

Year 5 Paultons Park visit part 1

What a stroke of genius to choose the only dry week this year for a school trip outside!

We virtually had Paultons Park to ourselves and no sooner had we finished one ride, we raced round to have another go.

We were spun, we were twisted, we were jolted, we were centrifugally forced. We were thrilled,

we were drenched and our stomachs were churned.

Here are our photos – there will be more next week!

Year 5 Investigate

Year 5 had a very busy science lesson with a mission from Super Skydiving to design and test the best parachute.

Before any designing could happen we needed to learn about air resistance and what better way than to run across the playground with huge sheets of paper – so much fun was had by all!

We then went back to the design studio to design and create our parachutes, thinking about the best size, shape and materials for the job.

Finally the moment came to test our new designs and who better to be our passengers than an egg! Many deaths occurred but we celebrated with 3 perfect eggs; meaning we had 3 well designed and constructed parachutes.

The following day in English we wrote a report back to the Super Skydiving company to provide them with our findings and recommendations for the best parachute!



Fordingbridge Twinning

Celebrating Creativity!

The Town Hall was packed on Thursday, as parents and participants gathered to receive their awards for the Youth Competition 2018, organised every two years by the Fordingbridge Twinning Association.

The theme this year was ‘100 Years’, celebrating the centenary of the end of World War 1. There were two levels of entry for primary school children:  Year 6 and Year 5 and below.  The competition also extends to Year 11 at secondary and it was lovely to see many old pupils still exhibiting the confidence and creativity we saw in those earlier years

Town Mayor, Malcolm Connolly, presented the awards and we were well represented with eight winners from Year 5 and an overall cup winner from Year 6. Congratulations to Hannah Janes, Libby Wallace, Eleanor May, Masie Somerset, Arabella Coulthard, Holly Harper, Emily Smith, Robyn Sims and Abi Theobald for their articulate and thoughtful letters to a child in 100 years and to Oscar Pike for his beautifully evocative multi-media image of a scene from World War 1 (which Fordingbridge Museum are hoping to display in the near future).