Year 4

In English we have been watching parts of the film Rio and went back through our story skills to plan our own version of Rio. We recapped on dialogue, action, description and suspense. In maths we have been learning about 3d shapes and their nets. We have been busy perfecting our Samba performances.

Year 4

Year 5AG

This week we have started making our felt hats. We have to use a range of skills such as sewing, cutting and designing. We also had lots of fun in maths with some tricky times tables problems. What an exciting week!


Year 5PD

This week in English we have been writing letters to our parents about whether we enjoyed going on an imaginary school trip to a rainforest. In maths we did some problem solving about pins and posters. We have also started sewing rainforest hats and will continue over the week! Also this week we have handed in our learning unit homework which was to study a rainforest tribe. Eloise did an impressive, freaky tribal head!

5PD 5PD (2)

Year 6

This week we are currently focusing on writing restaurant reviews for Recardo’s restaurant and our mouths have been watering due to the delicious menu ideas.

We have been multiplying 4 digit numbers especially decimals.

Here’s what’s coming up this week…
Remember to get out your sparkly outfits for the disco on Thursday, yr 5 & 6, 7:30-8:30pm (remember to bring your water bottle)!!!

Also well done Year 6 for all your hard work and perseverance during the tests last week.



Year 4
In 4RP we have been learning about fractions of an amount in maths and on Friday we applied our knowledge into an tricky investigation. In art, we have started to look at samba headdresses which we are going to make next week. We used pictures to give us ideas and to create our final design. In Literacy we have been learning about write adverts for either Rio or Southampton.


This week in literacy we have been writing a ‘just so’ story about a chosen animal. In maths we have been doing an investigation about a game involving lots of our maths skills. We had to calculate the longest and shortest ways to get to 20 using a game board. Everybody was working hard and had fun at the same time!


This week 5AG have had lots of fun learning about the rainforest. We learned about tribes and had a ‘tribal visitor’!
Also we wrote ‘just so’ stories in English and learned about reflection in maths!


Year 6
In year 6 we have enjoyed our science learning.
We have been exploring how we hear and learning the different parts of
the ear and how sound travels to your brain. We started learning sign language
and played sign language hang man.

25.01.16 – Year 4

Last week in year 4 we got out our samba instruments to practise for our band, we starting putting all our individual instrument parts together. In maths we did real life problems about a cake sale to raise money for our class charity. Also in maths we did column multiplication to use in problem solving. Then in literacy we have been using embedded clauses to write diaries and newspaper reports about Rio carnival.

25.01.16 – 5PD

This week in 5PD we have been doing animations using iMovie on the iPad’s. In literacy we have been planning our on pourquoi (just so) stories. In maths we have been investigating area and perimeter.

Last Friday we had treat time watching Inside Out whilst eating popcorn – it was a real treat!

25.01.16 – 6JJ/TB

In literacy we have been looking at poems and paragraphs on rain and drought. We also had some exiting new pens! In maths we have recently been focusing on finding the missing angles of shapes. Also converting measurements; it was challenging!
A special shout out to Mrs Savage for reading the best horror stories ever – we were on the edge of our seats!

25.01.16 – 6NW

In maths we have been learning to find missing angles and lengths, we did this by using our knowledge of shapes. We explored that all triangles angles add up to 180 degrees. In English we have been doing descriptive writing about rain and droughts which we really enjoyed.

Year 6 – 18.01.16


In literacy last week Year 6 learnt about poems and we made our own poems about any animal of our choice. We learnt how to use repetition, alliteration and onomatopoeia . In mathematics we learnt about shapes and how to use a protractor accurately. In the afternoon we played doge ball in P.E to work on our teamwork.

5AG – 18.01.16


We have been writing show not tell descriptions about rainforest animals. We had to include skills such as; simple compound and complex sentences, similes and metaphors and past tense.

We also had fun playing football in PE and solving fraction problems in maths.

5PD – 18.01.16

In Year 5 we have started a new topic about Rainforests. In literacy we have been doing a paragraph about an encounter with an animal of your choice. We had to focus on simple, compound and complex sentences. In maths we have been learning to add and subtract fractions with different and the same denominators. We are enjoying our football and our sitting down volleyball in PE.