Year 6 Science Trip

Year 6 had a wonderful fun filled, science experience at Winchester Science Centre. We explored many areas of the hands on science exhibits before taking a trip around space in the planetarium. Next, we headed to the Computer lab where we proved our fantastic coding skills to code our festive robots. Finally, more time was spent exploring the space section on the centre and discovering yet more science facts. A great learning opportunity for us, all which really brought our science learning alive!


Year 6 Animations

Year 6 have turned their hand to being animators. Creating their own characters, scenes and stories we have shot and discovered how many photos it takes to make a very short animation! Most of all we all had fun and were excited to share our finished animations with one another.

Year 5 – Art

Tone and shading

We have made progress in our drawing skills by looking closely at different shading skills in pencil and pastel.

Come and see our Art books – we are really proud of our key skills work and today we ‘freestyled’ a planetary object in space.

Year 5 Moon Homework

Many, many thanks to Missy and Katie for providing the inspiration we needed to get everyone else into our Learning Unit Homework.  Katie sounded like an expert with her professional PowerPoint (fabulous photographs of our skies at night and day) and Missy had every phase of the moon covered in her beautiful sketches.

Year 3 PE

Team building in PE – When it was wet outside Mr Williams helped us work on our team building skills in the hall. We had lots of fun but also learnt a lot about listening to each other and working as a team!