Year 3 – An Underwater Empire

Today in 3DP the children shared their topic homework of their own underwater empire from a British coast and we had a fantastic assortment.

From creative box scenes, PowerPoint presentations and a cake, to a Youtube home video clip about seahorses and cuttlefish.

We learnt about basking sharks, jellyfish, cuttlefish and sponges to name just a few, as well as learning some information about the Mary Rose. One child did a fantastic project about plastic waste on our beaches, which created an interesting class discussion.

I was so impressed with what children knew and it was wonderful to hear about their own stories, which included a dad being nipped by a baby shark, and another story of how a fish was saved from being trapped in a plastic bag.

Well done 3DP.

Year 5 – Let’s Make Some Dough!

First we tasted all sorts of supermarket breads. (Ask us which we preferred and why.)

Then we tasted a basic stoneground, wholewheat recipe.  That divided opinion!

Yesterday we researched possible flavours from the time (Anglo-Saxon or Viking) and

ways to shape a bread roll.

At last, we completed the process and they went into the oven, all ready to share with parents/carers the next day!

Maths Challenge

Well done to both Year 6 and Year 4 pupils who travelled to Bryanston School to take part in the Annual Maths Challenge – with two of our Year 6 boys coming second in their competition. What a fantastic achievement considering 25 local schools took part, many of which were from the independent sector.

The competition involves the pupils teaming up in pairs to solve many different kinds of maths problems against the clock.

Despite the nerves and the pressure, they all thoroughly enjoyed it and, as always, were a credit to the school.



Year 5 Orienteering

Thanks to the help of our orienteering expert, Ms Mays, we were able to really develop our skills.

Today the focus was on reading a map or route accurately and we followed routes as well as working out the different symbols we might encounter.

Next week, we move on to a real course…

Cup Winners!

A team made up almost entirely of Fordingbridge Junior School boys were proud winners of the U9s Testway Youth Football League Oak Plate last weekend.

The boys – one from Year 3 and eight from Year 4 – really lived the school motto of Believe, Strive, Achieve in a very competitive final. They showed resilience and determination as well as great sportsmanship to achieve a 3-1 victory.

And they were so proud! Congratulations boys!

Head Teacher’s Blog

Week beginning 22 January 2018

On Monday Mrs Ovenden and I undertook a learning walk through the school, during which we saw children hard at work in maths or English. It is always wonderful to see the children being independent in their learning, making choices on whether they need extra support or moving themselves to their next challenge. To be able to reflect on your own learning and have the determination to move it forward is an excellent skill to have.

Not only do we have children excelling in school, we also have those who continually impress outside of school.  We are especially proud of Flo who decided she wanted to raise some money for the World Wildlife Fund, so she baked lots of cakes and invited her friends and neighbours over to have tea and cake and make a donation one day after school.

In total she raised £110! I think it’s a great effort. Well done Flo!

Curriculum Evening Links

Parents and carers spent an interesting evening learning about different aspects of the school curriculum last week.

Mrs Robertson gave an informative presentation about SMSC and what the children are taught throughout their time in the school. There is an emphasis on consent and the right to say ‘no’ and Mrs Robertson showed parents how the school makes use of resources from organisations like the NSPCC to get messages across in an entertaining way.

Mrs Ovenden then talked to parents about spellings and how to improve them – not just in tests but within the children’s writing. She talked about links between words, word families and described many different ways of helping children to remember spellings.

Mrs Papworth followed with an important talk about internet safety. She impressed upon parents and carers that, while school can play its part in ensuring children are safe online, there is also a lot parents can do, in terms of both education and ensuring technology is set up to protect them.

Finally Mr Woodger woke us all up with some Maths problems, delivering a very interesting presentation which explained some of methods used to build the children’s knowledge of Maths – many of which are unrecognisable to those who were at school decades ago!

Mrs Ovenden summed up the evening by saying: “Supporting the children at home with all aspects of their education can only reap benefits for them in so many ways.”

All the presentations from the evening can be found here:

Year 5 You CAN get the staff!

I am sure you have seen the advertisements aiming to recruit new students to the wonderful world of teaching.  Apparently it’s a hard sell…..well, no such difficulties here.

Lucky Mrs Graham can make herself comfortable while the children teach each other. Today, volunteers used the smartboard to demonstrate progress in a very particular skill: adding numbers where the decimals simply don’t match up (235 + 4.5 + 87.36).  What had seemed tricky the first time we tried it, became routine with a little bit of practice.

Thank you to those brave souls who tested out their skills and provided WAGOLLS for the whole class.  Even better, they talked us through their methods.

Year 5 Tribal Warfare is Alive and Well!

Not content with stealing our flags, those pesky Rockin’ Rollers are trying to wipe the smile off our faces in other arenas too.

We are pleased to report we triumphed in a terrific display of teamwork and sending and receiving skills (Hot Potato for those of you who don’t know).

Tug of war went less well…… but we live to fight another day.  Growth mindset.  Believe, strive and achieve.