Year 3 Gymnastics – travelling

Today, Year 3 had great fun in Gymnastics during indoor PE.  They are learning how to find ways of travelling on floor and benches using different parts of their body.   They also had to move in time to the music – two pieces by Peer Gynt.  The children did so well moving to the beat of the music and created brilliant moves in teams across the benches.  We’re very lucky to have some great gymnasts!

Well done Year 3.

Year 3 Roman Day

Year 3 dressed up as Romans today for Roman Day and had a great time.

The children enjoyed looking at some Roman artefacts on the tables from typical clothes to unusual items. They had to work out what they were and came up with some interesting ideas. They learnt more about typical Roman foods and how the rich people ate disgusting foods at banquets. They also tackled tasks about Roman numerals and played a typical Roman board game called Nine Men’s Morris. A fun day was had by all!

Year 5 PE

Thank you to Mr Williams who is getting us up to scratch with invasion games.

We have learned to dribble with a hockey stick and ball and also all sorts of fun games to practise push passing accurately.


Year 6 Science

Meet Fred! This half term Year 6 are learning about the circulatory system and today have met Fred and explored the different parts of our bodies. Still to come this half term, edible lungs and blood smoothies!

Some fascinating facts we explored today about the heart…

  • Your heart is as big as your clenched fist
  • The heart is a powerful muscle
  • The fitter you are, the stronger your heart will work
  • The heart sends blood to the heart to be oxygenated

Coaching in Year 5

Here we are in 5NG, using the experts we have.

Pupils who know the 4 maths operations inside out are able to teach and coach those who are nearly there.

Roll the dice to find out which calculation you have to demonstrate to the class.  Roll 5 you choose (many chose challenge)  Roll 6 your coach chooses.

Year 3 Visit to Salisbury Museum

Last week Year 3 spent the day at Salisbury Museum. We had a fantastic day, learning about archaeology in the morning and the Romans in the afternoon.

In the morning, we were role played as archaeologists who had be asked to excavate a local field before houses were built on it. We found all sorts of artefacts, including bones, coins and fragments on Roman pottery. We then has the opportunity to make our own fragments of pottery, which will be on display in our own mini museum on February 12th.

In the afternoon, we explored the Wessex Gallery, learning about Roman finds along the south coast. We discovered that a roman mosaic had been found in Downton and this is on display at the museum.


Year 6 Music

We hope you had your ear plugs at the ready! What a loud afternoon Year 6 had composing and performing their own Stomp compositions! From bins to glue sticks, many inventive instruments were found around the classroom. We thought about the timings within our groups, the dynamics of the ‘instrument’ we choose and the tempo at different parts of our performance!

Year 6 – DT with the Infants

Year 6 have been completing their own market research in preparation for their DT projects.

They have been tasked with making a moving toy, using cams for a KS1 friend. We went armed with notebooks to the Infants to find out what would make the perfect toy!

We are looking forward to making our toys and taking them back to our KS1 friends to be our product testers!