Stubbington Year 5 2016- Tuesday 1st November

Dear Parents/ Carers of Year 5 pupils,

We have focused on teamwork today with the activities we have completed.

This morning children had their first inspection, which required them to work as a group to tidy their bedrooms, bathrooms and drying rooms. They were scored out of 15 from the members of staff at Stubbington based on the tidiness of these areas. Most scored well, remembering how to make their beds (so hopefully they remember this when they are home 🙂 )

We then took part in an activity called ‘Eggstreme’, in which the children took part in team building activities as pictured below in order to win counters. These counters were then used to purchase materials such as bubble wrap, newspaper and butter pots. They had to come up with a design within their budget that would protect their eggs when it was throw from a catapult. All staff, including that at Stubbington mentioned how well the children worked together and showed their enthusiasm towards all parts of the task.

In the afternoon, we took part in various activities based around trees. We first collected a range of natural things in a variety of colours to represent the rainbow then compared that to a range of greens from the environment.  The children were then blindfolded with a partner and had to feel the features of one tree, then guess which tree it was after the blindfold was removed. The last activity focused mainly on learning about what trees needed to grow, the children then searched the surrounding area for clues- pictured below to answer a quiz together.

As our evening activity we looked at our shells we collected yesterday under microscopes and sketched them. Then we took part in a Stubbington quiz, and crowned a winner. Finally to end our evening we had an enthralling display and discussion from wildlife photographer Dennis Bright. The children were laughing and cooing at all of the cute pictures of foxes and owls.

Miss Lewis will be taking over from me tomorrow but will continue to update the blog.

Best Wishes,

Miss Gritt



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