Stubbington 2016

Dear Year 5 Parents,

I am writing from Miss Card’s account as my login isn’t working.

We have arrived safely to the sunny Stubbington centre. You’ll be glad to know that all the children have settled in , are eating well and should hopefully sleep tonight.

When we arrived the children had to unpack their belongings and neatly store them away, much to the horror of some children πŸ™‚ . They have all been put with children from their lists and are happy with their groupings. Our activities are done within our school group but we have free time where we socialise with the other school and evening activities where we’re mixed.

As you can see from the pictures we went on a beach walk this afternoon, making sandcastles and searching the sea for active creatures. All of the children were enthusiastic and enjoyed every second of it.

In the spirit of Halloween, we decided Β to make masks this evening as an activity or if children wished they sketched their findings from this afternoons walk. The children are now showered, fed and ready to go to bed (hopefully we’re get a good nights rest).

I will continue to update around this time every night as this is our free time for most of the day.

Best Wishes,

Miss Gritt

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3 thoughts on “Stubbington 2016

  1. Hello max hope your having a time of your life. Its Finn here and I remember going on that walk put we didn’t get to build sandcastles. I am sat at the computer right now doing my boring maths homework so I hope your having a better time than me right now.We look forward to having you back. See you soon buddy πŸ™‚
    Back to the maths homework now bye

    Can you get Max Sheppard to read this it’s from his big brother Finn

  2. I’m a happy Granny seeing photos of Grandson Max Sheppard having a great time building a sand castle at Stubbington….great for kids to be a little bit independent away from home and meeting other children……

  3. Dear Estefi,
    Daddy, Ed and I miss you a lot. I saw you in a few pictures doing activities. We hope you enjoy it and learn a lot of things. We waiting for you. We love you. Mummy.