Wednesday 2nd November

Dear Parents / Carers,

This morning the children had a wonderful time outside in the conservation area on a gloriously sunny clear morning, listening out for the woodland bird calls.They then worked as a team to play the various parts of the structure of a tree which was very interesting and somewhat hilarious too!

The tree formed a stage in the life of a particle which we followed along it’s life journey from “The Big Bang” through various ecosystems to it’s place in the soil today. We also thought about where our particle might end up next.

After lunch we used our newly gained wildlife knowledge to identify tracks and signs of the mammals who live at Stubbington, including long tailed woodmice, badgers, deer and foxes. The children then spent time making inviting “hotels” for the wood mice which we left in special tunnels in the conservation area. Tomorrow morning we will see whether any of our small local furry friends decided to make use of their free accommodation!

After tea we spent some time together as a year group and played the Bat and Moth game, that we had learnt earlier, again. The children then played a game called Pirates, the teachers dressed up as pirates and hid around the site. The children had to hunt them down by torchlight in order to work out who had stolen the treasure and decideĀ who did not have a solid alibi. The winning team consisted of Archie, Dylan, William.

The day ended with our visit to the Hide. This evening as the children were exceptionally quiet, we were very lucky to see foxes and badgers. The children were delighted to see these animals up close and were enthralled by how cute and cuddly they looked!

We look forward to sharing more with your tomorrow,

Miss Lewis, Mrs Heath and Mr Morrison

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One thought on “Wednesday 2nd November

  1. Thank you for spending the time putting in the photos and daily updates. Lovely to see all the children having such a good time outdoors!

    Hope you’re having fun Luke!

    Suzie Pountain