Year 3 – Guy making

We may have not gained a place in the Guy competition, but we definitely had fun making it!  The children made it themselves and came up with the ideas. Everyone participated in making it in some way.

Well done 3DP.  Be proud!!

Year 3 – Money

This week our maths topic has been money, looking at coins and finding change.  Children were on the carpet pretending to be shop-keepers and handing out change, which they found educational and fun.

Next week, adding and subtracting.

Year 5 – Planetarium

Year 5 took a trip into space on Thursday. It was beautiful and amazing – we saw the whole solar system and galaxy. We learned numerous, stunning facts: the Sun is NOT the biggest star (in fact it looks quite tiny compared to some of the larger stars).  Talking about making large things look small – the Earth was humiliated by the Sun and VY majors.

Year 5 – Winning Guy

Well, well well…. Despite making the smallest, shyest Guy, class 5NG won this year’s Guy competition.  Of course we were proud of our hand sewn, recyclable chappie but we hardly thought he could match some of the slick structures on display.

A huge thank you to Mrs Flight who oversaw the whole lovely thing and to everyone who brought in something re-usable and stitched our Minion with care and pride.