Year 3 Class Museum

Year 3 have been lucky to have a special loans box full of prehistoric objects. We have been learning all about the objects that are left behind in the archaeological record which tell us about the people living in Britain over 2000 years ago.

DSCF2858 DSCF2860

The objects, loaned by Wessex Archaeology, were a fantastic resource inspiring Year 3 to research and write labels for our class museum about the Stone and Bronze Ages. After a year discussion and vote, we decided to arrange the objects in our museum in chronological order. Starting with Palaeolithic (Old Stone Age) handaxes through to a lovely replica of a Bronze Age Beaker pot.

DSCF2865 DSCF2861

Year 3 invited 5JH to come and visit our museum. Our museum curators expertly explained how we had created the museum and showed them some of our favourite objects. Our professional curators even answered questions from Year 5, all whilst being dressed in prehistoric clothing!

A big thank you to Wessex Archaeology for the loan of the box of historical goodies.

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