Year 6 Trip to Winchester Science Museum

On Wednesday 13th December, the whole of Year Six went to Winchester Science Museum as part of our iRobot unit.  Although the start was a little delayed, we had a fabulous day.  Each class had a 90 minute Lego Mindstorm session, where we had to program a robot to move over increasingly complicated courses.  Resilience was required by the bucket load!  The rest of the time, we were able to explore the myriad of fantastic, interactive science exhibits.

The enthusiasm of the children was superb and the behaviour exceptional.  The manager of the museum fed back how impressed he was with the FJS children and how a group had helped a lost child by asking centre staff for help.

Thank you to all those who picked the children up late, so that we could have such a brilliant day out and a massive thank you to Mrs Reeves, Mrs Osborne and Mrs Martin who came with us.


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