Roman Shields

DSCF9340[1] DSCF9339[1] DSCF9338[1] DSCF9337[1]Year 4 have completed a learning unit homework which was to make a shield which can teach people about an aspect of life in Roman times.  We had shields made of paper, card, yoghurt pots, metal, wood and even sponges.  They came in all shapes and sizes and we hope you enjoy our gallery.  Well done to everyone who helped (especially Anna’s fantastically talented grandpa).

Leave a comment on the ones which impress you most!DSCF9322[1] DSCF9323[1] DSCF9324[1] DSCF9325[1] DSCF9327[1] DSCF9328[1] DSCF9329[1] DSCF9329[1]DSCF9330[1] DSCF9331[1] DSCF9332[1] DSCF9333[1] DSCF9334[1] DSCF9335[1] DSCF9336[1]

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