Year 5 go potty!

Year 5 have been going potty this week!  We looked at a range of Ancient Egyptian pottery and sketched what we saw to get an idea of common shapes and styles.  We then looked closely at the ways in which pots were decorated.  Next we painted our designs to test out whether we could realistically use them on our dried clay.  Finally, we made prototypes out of plasticine.  Tomorrow (Wednesday) is clay day.  Remember, you will be able to see our creations when we share our learning from 2.45pm on Monday 18th December.


Year 5 Gymnastics

Our Y5 Gymnastics sessions with Mr Warland ended on a high as we finally got the equipment out.  Mats, benches and boxes were all utilised to develop our jumping and balancing skills.  These are action shots and there would be even more action if there wasn’t a delay on the class camera!

Year 5 – Spellings

Y5NG have introduced Spelling Supremos:  pupils who have a secure knowledge of the words expected to be correctly spelled in Year 5.

These pupils are spreading their knowledge and skills, mentoring their peers.  Every morning, they meet two or three other pupils for 10 minutes to help them practice and improve their accuracy.

Joseph said: “This is fun and I think it will help us improve in our spelling tests.”

We hope working like this will help us all improve our spelling.

Mrs Graham


Year 5 Gymnastics

Year 5 had a visiting gymnastics specialist one day this week and he certainly put us through our paces. We learned the five basic shapes and the different ways we could apply them. Thank you Mr Warland for an enjoyable and productive lesson.  Look out for our pointed toes, straight legs and flat palms.

Now we know what quality gymnastics look like, we won’t be settling for anything less!

Year 5 – Egyptian Tomb

Forgive us if we are a little tired today: we have had a busy time.

In addition to our English and Maths lessons, we have also fitted in

a visit to an ancient tomb. In the dim light we saw strange artifacts

and intricate decorations – or were they a form of writing?

The visit has sparked our curiosity and, among other things, we

would like to know:

Why does the rope have red markers or tassles?

Why are there several different kinds of writing on the stone?

  • Why do the weighing scales have no measurements?
  • Are the leather pouch things water carriers and if so, why do they have a heavy, stone base?

We will share our findings as we proceed.  In the meantime,

Mum’s the word: we don’t want to attract tomb robbers!

5NG – Using Our Creativity

Monday afternoon in November: it must be time to make our Guy!  I wonder if any other class managed theirs in 45 minutes (including tidying up)?

The most popular suggestion in class was Spongebob Squarepants and by the end of the week we had sourced our core materials. We thought about the different tasks that would be involved  to bring him to life and then worked on the table group of our choice. It all came together really well and we even amazed ourselves.

Poor Spongebob SquareGuy – he looks far too cute to be burnt.

Year 5 – Science

In science this week we have been investigating the properties of materials.

We tested a selection of materials to see which were the most flexible, permeable, absorbent, transparent and magnetic. We designed our own fair tests and thought carefully about the variables.

What a lot of science fun and learning we had!

Year 5 Pastel Art

Year 5 have completed a unit of art work on using oil pastels.

First we tried to make colour matches to paintings on a rainforest theme. Then we looked at how many ways we could blend our pastels to create new colours. We had fun naming our colours. Next, we followed tutorials on YouTube which showed us how to sketch leaves in movement.

We started with a single leaf, then tried multiple leaves.

Finally, we thought of a way to bring all our skills work to an original oil pastel.

Thank you to all those parents who were able to support our Learning Outcome on Tuesday.

Mrs Graham


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Thursday 3rd November- Stubbington

Good evening!

A quick update after another eventful day at Stubbington Study Centre.

Our day began with all children sleeping in until the 8am wake up bell and some having to be woken by staff after that. After a hearty cooked breakfast, room checks and a quick hunt for coats and in one case a pair of clean, dry socks, we set off to see if any animals had spent the night in our 5*hotels (read yesterday’s blog).

Of all our ‘hotels’ set out, four still has residents…curled up fast asleep and rudely awoken by a class of 31 children staring at them. For many children this was their first opportunity to see a mouse up close and after measuring them, we spent some time studying them carefully and creating detailed sketches.

In the afternoon, it was time for ‘Earthquake’ an assault course with a difference. In teams of 8, the children had to carry a range of survival equipment around the obstacles. Their feet were not allowed to touch the floor and they had to get around obstacles that included tunnels, water swings and moving bridges.  This activity was thoroughly enjoyed by all the children, many of whom did not want the activity to finish.

Then to this this evening – The S Factor – the weekly Stubbington talent show. All week the children have been learning songs to perform, with their team, at this grand finale. The children all participated singing their team song, with actions and enthusiasm. The show was won by the Kestrels, which included some girls from Fordingbridge Juniors.

We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow afternoon,


Miss Lewis, Miss Gritt and Mr Morrison

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