Year 5 Science – Speed Dating

Year 5 have been speed dating this week…speed dating each of the planets!

After five minutes of becoming an expert on their specialist planet, it was then a matter of speed to find out as much information about each of the other planets in a three minute date.

We think eight dates in an afternoon was really quite tiring, not to mention the fact we were also expected to make a fact file on everything we had found out – what a busy afternoon of science!

History Research in Year 5

Once again, pupils are trying their hand at teaching in Year 5.

Our learning unit homework was to research an Anglo-Saxon or Viking person of our choice and there were certainly some grizzly characters around to rival Grim Graham!

Congratulations to all who used creativity and independence as well as communication skills.

Special mentions to Tom (who read aloud to the whole class really confidently and took questions), Fin S (whose presentation looked like professional publishing), Kai (who put together a comprehensive powerpoint) and Holly (whose larger than life – literally – Viking caught all our attention).

HATS coming next to Year 5!

Any unused hats out there (fabric ones especially) we could use to investigate how hats are made, how they are similar and different, etc. please bring them in clearly stating if they are to be returned!!!


Year 5 – Orienteering

A big thank you to Ms Mays and her able assistant, Hilary Pickering, for coming in to work with us on orienteering.

We have gone from walking around a grid of cones to careering around the wild open spaces (of our field) and our map reading skills were very evident to see.

What fun in the brisk spring sunshine.

Thanks also to our friends in Year 6 who helped with all the admin and setting up.

Year 5 – Let’s Make Some Dough!

First we tasted all sorts of supermarket breads. (Ask us which we preferred and why.)

Then we tasted a basic stoneground, wholewheat recipe.  That divided opinion!

Yesterday we researched possible flavours from the time (Anglo-Saxon or Viking) and

ways to shape a bread roll.

At last, we completed the process and they went into the oven, all ready to share with parents/carers the next day!

Year 5 Orienteering

Thanks to the help of our orienteering expert, Ms Mays, we were able to really develop our skills.

Today the focus was on reading a map or route accurately and we followed routes as well as working out the different symbols we might encounter.

Next week, we move on to a real course…

Year 5 You CAN get the staff!

I am sure you have seen the advertisements aiming to recruit new students to the wonderful world of teaching.  Apparently it’s a hard sell…..well, no such difficulties here.

Lucky Mrs Graham can make herself comfortable while the children teach each other. Today, volunteers used the smartboard to demonstrate progress in a very particular skill: adding numbers where the decimals simply don’t match up (235 + 4.5 + 87.36).  What had seemed tricky the first time we tried it, became routine with a little bit of practice.

Thank you to those brave souls who tested out their skills and provided WAGOLLS for the whole class.  Even better, they talked us through their methods.

Year 5 Tribal Warfare is Alive and Well!

Not content with stealing our flags, those pesky Rockin’ Rollers are trying to wipe the smile off our faces in other arenas too.

We are pleased to report we triumphed in a terrific display of teamwork and sending and receiving skills (Hot Potato for those of you who don’t know).

Tug of war went less well…… but we live to fight another day.  Growth mindset.  Believe, strive and achieve.

Year 5 ‘Show and Tell’

Sometimes you wait an age for ‘show and tell’ and then two come along on the same day!

First, we had Ava’s fabulously detailed shoebox Viking longhouse which looked exactly like the environmentally friendly homes we had been taking notes about.

Then, we had Jess’s four-layer chocolate and icing longhouse which left our classroom beautifully scented (and cleared the fridge of butter, we hear).

Thank you to both girls for taking their learning and curiosity beyond the classroom.

Year 5 – Teamwork and French

Teamwork in Year 5

We had great fun in our PE lesson today, preparing for orienteering by developing our collaboration skills.

Last week we solved a picture puzzle, this week we were challenged to get ourselves into order based on different criteria and all without touching the floor.

We finished off our session with a first go at tug-of-war in very small groups and thinking about potentially winning strategies.

French – La Maison

Once we’d had a good go at learning the vocabulary for rooms in the house using ecoutez! and respondez! we were ready to work in pairs.  We play ‘squares’ to practice our vocabulary.  Ask us and we’ll teach you.

Year 5 Viking Raid

When two tribes go to war…

Year 5 coloured up in yellow and red this week to re-enact a Viking raid.

Each class created a tribe name and identity so that the Rocking Rollers
took on the Blood Demons in a battle of wit and survival (health and
safety considerations notwithstanding).

We watched the New Zealand haka and made our own war chants
with accompanying gestures. We introduced ourselves with fear-inspiring
Viking names (Bone Crusher or Soul Slayer).  Then we played ‘capture the flag’.

We look forward to other tests of strength and teamwork during this exciting topic.