Year 4 Factor Reindeer

Year 4 have created Factor Reindeer. We used our knowledge of times tables to find the factors of a variety of numbers between 1-100. Some reindeer have a special antler spike when the same number is multiplied together – for example 25 have factors 1, 25 and 5. Santa sent us a special mission to find Factor Reindeer that only have 2 factors and these are called Prime Reindeer – they are very important and essential for Santa to pull his sleigh. Can you think of any Prime Reindeer?

FJS Bake Off!

Years 3 and 4 had a Bake Off Assembly on Wednesday (15 November).

Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry would have been so proud of our children!

Children learnt how to make cup cakes using different flavour yogurts, then they used the empty yoghurt pot as their measuring tool for all the other ingredients. Very clever!

Panic set in when the cakes needed to be baked because of a power cut but it didn’t last long and the children were able to enjoy eating them later on in the day.  Scrummy!


Year 4
In 4RP we have been learning about fractions of an amount in maths and on Friday we applied our knowledge into an tricky investigation. In art, we have started to look at samba headdresses which we are going to make next week. We used pictures to give us ideas and to create our final design. In Literacy we have been learning about write adverts for either Rio or Southampton.


This week in literacy we have been writing a ‘just so’ story about a chosen animal. In maths we have been doing an investigation about a game involving lots of our maths skills. We had to calculate the longest and shortest ways to get to 20 using a game board. Everybody was working hard and had fun at the same time!


This week 5AG have had lots of fun learning about the rainforest. We learned about tribes and had a ‘tribal visitor’!
Also we wrote ‘just so’ stories in English and learned about reflection in maths!


Year 6
In year 6 we have enjoyed our science learning.
We have been exploring how we hear and learning the different parts of
the ear and how sound travels to your brain. We started learning sign language
and played sign language hang man.

25.01.16 – Year 4

Last week in year 4 we got out our samba instruments to practise for our band, we starting putting all our individual instrument parts together. In maths we did real life problems about a cake sale to raise money for our class charity. Also in maths we did column multiplication to use in problem solving. Then in literacy we have been using embedded clauses to write diaries and newspaper reports about Rio carnival.

Year 4 – 18.01.16

In Year four we have been learning about Samba and Rio. We have been on the Samba instruments and explored what noises they make. Last week we played all the instruments in the hall, it was great fun! In literacy we have been doing different sentence types for example; compound, complex and simple sentences. We then used them in our writing for a Samba information text. In maths we have been looking at the short division method. We then started to use it to solve tricky division word problems.

Safety Day 2015

Safety Day 2015

The whole school enjoyed a fantastic Safety Day. Thanks to our special guests, Paramedics Sally and Sabrena, each class attended a first aid workshops focussing on the recovery position and CPR. They also led an assembly about what to do in an emergency and when 999 is the right choice.

In class each year group focussed on a different aspect of personal safety. Year 3 made sure they were safe on the road by learning and practicing how to cross a road safely. We also investigated clues to crossing safely that are not only seen but heard and felt as well. Bumps on the ground tell us that this is a safe place to cross as long as we remember to STOP, LOOK and LISTEN! Year 4 created wonderful models of beaches with lots of safety signals including safe swimming flags, lifeguards and safety buoys. In Year 5 they were investigating fire safety by looking at safe escapes routes. Finally short films were created by Year 6 learnt to promote firework safety.

Country Dancing Festival 2015

This year’s country dancing festival was a slight change to previous years as the weather wasn’t in our favour this morning.

However, we took full advantage of a break in the rain in the afternoon and were able to show our year group dances and also a couple of traditional country dances. The children (and teachers!) had obviously been working hard to learn the routines.

Here is a selection of photos:

DSC00012 DSC00022 DSC00036 DSC00041 DSC00045 DSC00050 DSC00056 DSC00058 DSC00047 (2) DSC00055 DSC00070


Disability Awareness Workshops

On Tuesday 18th and Wednesday 19th we were very pleased to welcome our special visitor: Alison Wright.  Alison’s mother took the Thalidomide drug during her pregnancy and so Alison was born with short arms.  This hasn’t stopped her being a mum, a speaker on disability or a member of the British Paralympic Team.  She told us to live by the words of Winston Churchill and never, never, never give up!

Alison says having short arms just means you have to think ahead and solve problems and that’s what we tried to do when we had a go at tidying up, writing and putting on a sock with our toes!DSCF9180 DSCF9183 DSCF9186 DSCF9194 DSCF9191

A Roman arrives…

This morning Year 4 welcomed a Roman from Butser Ancient Farm to kick off our learning unit! We had a wonderful day learning from an expert about the arrival of the Romans, their legacy, as well as teaching us about the power of the Roman Army. We prepared questions and our expert was able to accurately answer them.

We had took part in outstanding workshops to help us with our understanding and to bring our learning alive. The workshops included learning Latin commands, practising marching as the Roman Army, dressing up as a Roman and making our own Roman jewellery.

It was a captivating day which has given us a some fantastic information to use during our learning unit and motivated us to find out more, watch this space….

IMG_1171 IMG_1177 IMG_1190 IMG_1193 IMG_1162 IMG_1203 IMG_1215 IMG_1228 IMG_1235


Year 4 campaign for the New Forest


Wow, Miss Dickinson and Mrs Graham were in for a treat this week when Year 4 came in buzzing with their learning unit homework. They were set the task of creating a campaign to minimise the effects of negative human impact in The New Forest.

The children presented their campaigns confidently and we enjoyed seeing the effort as well as the wide range of presentations.

We enjoyed PowerPoint’s, models of a not and then if we were to drop litter, posters (some even displayed in the forest), email communication to companies, litter picking membership clubs and even a letter with a reply from Councillor Desmond Swayne.

The quality and effort was so amazing we even invited the local press in to find out what we had been up to and what amazing New Forest citizens we can be – keep your eyes peeled for our story in the paper!

DSCF6204 DSCF6206 DSCF6207 DSCF6208