Year 3 Road Safety

Year 3 enjoyed Safety Day last Friday. We went outside and practiced crossing the road to the swimming pool. All the children remembered to Stop, Look and Listen. We also practiced crossing the road as a group, ready for our walk to the church at Christmas.

Year 3 – Roman Day

ROMAN DAY – Play-in-a-Day

Year 3 had a fantastic Roman Day on Tuesday to begin their Roman topic.

Ben from the Treehouse Theatre was fantastic in giving the children a top class performance with oodles of Roman history in a whistle-stop play.  He provided props and costumes for the children to perform their part in the play.  From elephants to Emperors and Gladiators, they each had a part to perform in the Roman performance.

Apparently, this was the best day ever!

Year 3 Spelling

Who am I?

Question: ‘You are a type of weather which falls from the sky. Your friend is what the queen does.’

Answer: rain and reign.

This was a snippet from conversations heard in Year 3 when we played Homophone Who Am I?. What a fun way to learn our spelling word meanings!

Year 3 – An Underwater Empire

Today in 3DP the children shared their topic homework of their own underwater empire from a British coast and we had a fantastic assortment.

From creative box scenes, PowerPoint presentations and a cake, to a Youtube home video clip about seahorses and cuttlefish.

We learnt about basking sharks, jellyfish, cuttlefish and sponges to name just a few, as well as learning some information about the Mary Rose. One child did a fantastic project about plastic waste on our beaches, which created an interesting class discussion.

I was so impressed with what children knew and it was wonderful to hear about their own stories, which included a dad being nipped by a baby shark, and another story of how a fish was saved from being trapped in a plastic bag.

Well done 3DP.

Cup Winners!

A team made up almost entirely of Fordingbridge Junior School boys were proud winners of the U9s Testway Youth Football League Oak Plate last weekend.

The boys – one from Year 3 and eight from Year 4 – really lived the school motto of Believe, Strive, Achieve in a very competitive final. They showed resilience and determination as well as great sportsmanship to achieve a 3-1 victory.

And they were so proud! Congratulations boys!

Year 3 Maths

Fun with right angles!

Year 3 have had a fun week learning about right angles and straight lines.  It’s been quite a journey for some but by Friday we all managed to secure our knowledge.

Today (Friday), we took our learning out in the playground to apply our knowledge of ‘clockwise’, ‘anticlockwise’ ’90 degrees’ and ‘180 degrees’.   Working in pairs, the children gave each other instructions to walk from one end of the playground to the other, first with eyes open, then eyes shut!  It was very interesting and they all said it was the best Maths lesson ever!  Well done Year 3.