Year 3 Maths

Fun with right angles!

Year 3 have had a fun week learning about right angles and straight lines.  It’s been quite a journey for some but by Friday we all managed to secure our knowledge.

Today (Friday), we took our learning out in the playground to apply our knowledge of ‘clockwise’, ‘anticlockwise’ ’90 degrees’ and ‘180 degrees’.   Working in pairs, the children gave each other instructions to walk from one end of the playground to the other, first with eyes open, then eyes shut!  It was very interesting and they all said it was the best Maths lesson ever!  Well done Year 3.

Year 3 receive a letter from the Elves!

A very special delivery arrived in 3CE on Wednesday, a package from the North Pole. Everyone received a letter and we couldn’t rip off the envelope quick enough to find out what was inside.

Year 3 had written letters to the Elves and we were so excited to get a personal reply. We loved hearing all about the Elves and thought it was great they had answered our questions from the letters to them.

Year 3 – Mythical Stories

Year 3 were finishing off their mythical stories this week and were very proud of their work. They spent time peer assessing each other’s work and writing next steps. Thesauruses were used to find even more exciting words. They worked so hard. Well done!

Mrs Pring

Year 3 Ukulele lessons

Christmas is coming!

Year 3 is enjoying practicing Christmas songs ready to perform at the Christmas Concert in a few weeks time.

After a few sore fingers and thumbs, the children have now learnt all the chords for the ukulele, some of which have been very tricky indeed. They are sounding fantastic and have gained in confidence over the weeks. The teachers are having fun too!

Thank you to Hampshire Music.

Year 3 PE

This half term Year 3 are focusing on Football and working hard to improve their skills.

We have been enjoying using the school field and in the first two lessons we have been working on dribbling and passing skills.

We are looking forward to building on our skills and playing some fun mini matches.

FJS Bake Off!

Years 3 and 4 had a Bake Off Assembly on Wednesday (15 November).

Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry would have been so proud of our children!

Children learnt how to make cup cakes using different flavour yogurts, then they used the empty yoghurt pot as their measuring tool for all the other ingredients. Very clever!

Panic set in when the cakes needed to be baked because of a power cut but it didn’t last long and the children were able to enjoy eating them later on in the day.  Scrummy!

Year 3 Maths and Science

Science – Forces

This week Year 3 have been investigating forces. They have been looking at the new play equipment in the playground and identifying which forces are in action.

Maths – Collecting data

This week in Maths we are collecting, presenting and interpreting data. The whole year group worked together to collect data that we can use in our learning for the rest of the week.

Year 3 – Dragon’s Lair and Iron Man

Dragon’s Lair

Look what Year 3 found when we walked in the woods!  The children were getting ready to write a good setting for their own myth.

3DP are busy making their ‘Guy’

Inspired by Ted Hughes’ book ‘The Iron Man’ from last term, children started making their own ‘Iron Man’. What colour eyes will they choose?

Safety Day 2015

Safety Day 2015

The whole school enjoyed a fantastic Safety Day. Thanks to our special guests, Paramedics Sally and Sabrena, each class attended a first aid workshops focussing on the recovery position and CPR. They also led an assembly about what to do in an emergency and when 999 is the right choice.

In class each year group focussed on a different aspect of personal safety. Year 3 made sure they were safe on the road by learning and practicing how to cross a road safely. We also investigated clues to crossing safely that are not only seen but heard and felt as well. Bumps on the ground tell us that this is a safe place to cross as long as we remember to STOP, LOOK and LISTEN! Year 4 created wonderful models of beaches with lots of safety signals including safe swimming flags, lifeguards and safety buoys. In Year 5 they were investigating fire safety by looking at safe escapes routes. Finally short films were created by Year 6 learnt to promote firework safety.

Y3 Pajama Party in the Pool!

Year 3 had a great day swimming this week. We brought in pajamas or light clothes from home to experience what it would be like if we fell into water in our clothes!

We also practice walking through water and swimming, as well as pushing and gliding then standing up to get ourselves upright in clothes. A few of us swam underwater through hoops.

Some of us even practiced our rescue skills by saving each other with foam noodles!!

We had a great afternoon and although it was “weird” (in the words of Year 3) swimming in our clothes we also found out how tiring it was to swim in heavy clothes are a while and also how different it feels to pull ourselves out of the water!


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