School Council has Lunch with HC3S

School Council was invited for a special lunch with HC3S to discuss school dinners at FJS, which may have an impact in schools across Hampshire. We were treated to a free school lunch and some new menu creations as we discussed our likes and dislikes on the menu as well as our ideas for new choices. School Council will be asking children across the school to voice their opinions and we are working on a competition to spice up the school menu coming to a classroom near you soon!

Toilet Twinning

Fordingbridge Junior School is now a toilet twinned school!

Thanks to donations, we are very proud that our toilets are now twinned with a school toilet block in Bolero, Rumphi District, Malawi.

1 in 3 people worldwide don’t have a loo, so FJS decided to get involved in Toilet Twinning to help flush away poverty. For more information please see

Thank you for your support.

Children in Need 2017

On Friday 17th November, FJS opened its doors to a variety of costumes beginning with the letter C. Children (and staff) came creatively dressed as cowboys, cats, crocodiles and Captain Underpants! We embraced the day with a collection of wonderful characters and raised lots of money for Children in Need. The children worked in their classes to create coin art display using the coins they collected. After school, cakes of all shapes and sizes were sold by their hundreds in the hall.

Thank you to everyone who donated money, cakes and time in creating costumes for the children to wear.

Miss Card

Anti-Bullying Afternoon


Friday afternoon was spent in house groups at FJS, learning about Anti-Bullying. This year’s theme was ‘All Different All Equal’. The children discussed how boring it would be if we were all the same. Film clips from Zootopia and Diary of a Wimpy Kid were used to understand bullying behaviour and to show how trying to make our friends ‘cool’ isn’t necessarily the best way to support people who aren’t like us.

Finally, children passed two apples around the circle. The first apple was complimented with kind words and the second spoken to with mean words. When we cut the apples open, we realised one apple had been bruised inside by the unkind words and, therefore, how much effect those unkind comments have on a person deep inside.

It was a fantastic session for the children (and staff).


Winter Warmer

We held a Winter Warmer reading evening this term for some of our Year 3 and 4 pupils and their parents/grandparents. It was all about reading stories aloud for enjoyment and pleasure and encouraging readers to read before bedtime.

Children came back to school in their pyjamas and onesies and enjoyed hot chocolate and biscuits whilst they shared a book with their parents/grandparents.

It was a wonderful evening and we look forward to running it again in the future.

“You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a good book.” Dr. Seuss


Classroom visits

On Tuesday 7 November we held our second Parent/Headteacher question and answer session, followed by parents joining their child in the classroom to work alongside them.

Parent’s views are invaluable and a meaningful constructive discussion was held around communication. Thank you for your thoughts.

At 9.15am parents joined their child in class. Parents commented on their enjoyment of being in the class, as well as being amazed and what they experienced.

All parents are welcome at these open sessions. It would be lovely to see more parents at the next one on the 7 December at 8.45am.

Mrs Robertson

Thank You Premier League!

Christmas came early: three, enormous boxes of equipment were waiting for our return after half term. The equipment is a gift from the Premier League and is part of their scheme to promote active learning across the curriculum.

Needless to say the brand new, well-pumped footballs are already a big hit but we are sure to be using the full range of equipment to motivate pupils to make best progress in the very near future.

Thank you to Richard Scudamore and the FA Premier League for their support.

Mrs Graham

Our new digital leaders

We have our new digital leaders who will be updating our blog to tell you all about our leaning! We hope you enjoy reading!

4RP – Caitlin and Rose

4NG – Connor and Dylan

5AG – Raia and Ellen

5PD – Eloise and Sam

6NW – Hewgo and Max

6JJ/TB – Eloise and Grace

Safety Day 2015

Safety Day 2015

The whole school enjoyed a fantastic Safety Day. Thanks to our special guests, Paramedics Sally and Sabrena, each class attended a first aid workshops focussing on the recovery position and CPR. They also led an assembly about what to do in an emergency and when 999 is the right choice.

In class each year group focussed on a different aspect of personal safety. Year 3 made sure they were safe on the road by learning and practicing how to cross a road safely. We also investigated clues to crossing safely that are not only seen but heard and felt as well. Bumps on the ground tell us that this is a safe place to cross as long as we remember to STOP, LOOK and LISTEN! Year 4 created wonderful models of beaches with lots of safety signals including safe swimming flags, lifeguards and safety buoys. In Year 5 they were investigating fire safety by looking at safe escapes routes. Finally short films were created by Year 6 learnt to promote firework safety.

Country Dancing Festival 2015

This year’s country dancing festival was a slight change to previous years as the weather wasn’t in our favour this morning.

However, we took full advantage of a break in the rain in the afternoon and were able to show our year group dances and also a couple of traditional country dances. The children (and teachers!) had obviously been working hard to learn the routines.

Here is a selection of photos:

DSC00012 DSC00022 DSC00036 DSC00041 DSC00045 DSC00050 DSC00056 DSC00058 DSC00047 (2) DSC00055 DSC00070