Year 4 – Story Writing Success

One of our year 4 boys enjoyed a star-studded day out in London last week, as a finalist in the BBC Radio 2 500 words competition.

Hector reached the top 50 of the short story competition out of a record 135,000 entries.
His story – Bob and the Plastic Pirates – was recorded by the BBC Radio Drama Company and can be heard/read here:
The final was held at Hampton Court Palace during the recording of the Chris Evans Breakfast Show, with the Duchess of Cornwall – the competition’s honorary judge – in attendance.
Hector’s friends in year 4 were able to listen in!
On the day he was lucky enough to meet celebrities including David Walliams, Jim Broadbent, Alexandra Burke and Jason Isaacs (Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter films).
Hector also chatted with children’s author Malorie Blackman who, when she knew 4HL had read her book, Operation Gadgetman, asked Hector to say hello to the class from her.

Year 5 Learning Unit Homework

What a range of responses to our Thrills and Spills home learning challenge.
As you can see, our projects were not only informative but also creative.
They came in all shapes and sizes, from powerpoints submitted by memory
Stick or email (Thank you Kai, Emily, Tom and Joseph) to fully operational
3D designs and attractively presented leaflets and posters.
Well done

History Research in Year 5

Once again, pupils are trying their hand at teaching in Year 5.

Our learning unit homework was to research an Anglo-Saxon or Viking person of our choice and there were certainly some grizzly characters around to rival Grim Graham!

Congratulations to all who used creativity and independence as well as communication skills.

Special mentions to Tom (who read aloud to the whole class really confidently and took questions), Fin S (whose presentation looked like professional publishing), Kai (who put together a comprehensive powerpoint) and Holly (whose larger than life – literally – Viking caught all our attention).

HATS coming next to Year 5!

Any unused hats out there (fabric ones especially) we could use to investigate how hats are made, how they are similar and different, etc. please bring them in clearly stating if they are to be returned!!!


Year 5 – Teamwork and French

Teamwork in Year 5

We had great fun in our PE lesson today, preparing for orienteering by developing our collaboration skills.

Last week we solved a picture puzzle, this week we were challenged to get ourselves into order based on different criteria and all without touching the floor.

We finished off our session with a first go at tug-of-war in very small groups and thinking about potentially winning strategies.

French – La Maison

Once we’d had a good go at learning the vocabulary for rooms in the house using ecoutez! and respondez! we were ready to work in pairs.  We play ‘squares’ to practice our vocabulary.  Ask us and we’ll teach you.

Wednesday 2nd November

Dear Parents / Carers,

This morning the children had a wonderful time outside in the conservation area on a gloriously sunny clear morning, listening out for the woodland bird calls.They then worked as a team to play the various parts of the structure of a tree which was very interesting and somewhat hilarious too!

The tree formed a stage in the life of a particle which we followed along it’s life journey from “The Big Bang” through various ecosystems to it’s place in the soil today. We also thought about where our particle might end up next.

After lunch we used our newly gained wildlife knowledge to identify tracks and signs of the mammals who live at Stubbington, including long tailed woodmice, badgers, deer and foxes. The children then spent time making inviting “hotels” for the wood mice which we left in special tunnels in the conservation area. Tomorrow morning we will see whether any of our small local furry friends decided to make use of their free accommodation!

After tea we spent some time together as a year group and played the Bat and Moth game, that we had learnt earlier, again. The children then played a game called Pirates, the teachers dressed up as pirates and hid around the site. The children had to hunt them down by torchlight in order to work out who had stolen the treasure and decide who did not have a solid alibi. The winning team consisted of Archie, Dylan, William.

The day ended with our visit to the Hide. This evening as the children were exceptionally quiet, we were very lucky to see foxes and badgers. The children were delighted to see these animals up close and were enthralled by how cute and cuddly they looked!

We look forward to sharing more with your tomorrow,

Miss Lewis, Mrs Heath and Mr Morrison

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Year 4

In English we have been watching parts of the film Rio and went back through our story skills to plan our own version of Rio. We recapped on dialogue, action, description and suspense. In maths we have been learning about 3d shapes and their nets. We have been busy perfecting our Samba performances.

Year 4

Year 5AG

This week we have started making our felt hats. We have to use a range of skills such as sewing, cutting and designing. We also had lots of fun in maths with some tricky times tables problems. What an exciting week!


Year 5PD

This week in English we have been writing letters to our parents about whether we enjoyed going on an imaginary school trip to a rainforest. In maths we did some problem solving about pins and posters. We have also started sewing rainforest hats and will continue over the week! Also this week we have handed in our learning unit homework which was to study a rainforest tribe. Eloise did an impressive, freaky tribal head!

5PD 5PD (2)

Year 6

This week we are currently focusing on writing restaurant reviews for Recardo’s restaurant and our mouths have been watering due to the delicious menu ideas.

We have been multiplying 4 digit numbers especially decimals.

Here’s what’s coming up this week…
Remember to get out your sparkly outfits for the disco on Thursday, yr 5 & 6, 7:30-8:30pm (remember to bring your water bottle)!!!

Also well done Year 6 for all your hard work and perseverance during the tests last week.


Samba CDs

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Browse these Samba CDs and join us in celebrating the creativity of our fabulous Year 4s.  There was such attention to detail including front covers and individual tracks e.g. Keep to the Beat,  Go Double Agogo, Brilhante Brilhante Brilhante, Mas Que Nada, Uma Viagem, Melody Music, Just Jump!  Frightening Floats! and Samba Music for Lovers of Rio,

Well done to everyone.

Year 4 do Samba!

Samba Sounds at FJS

On Tuesday 13th January an excited group of Year 4 children made their way into the hall for a full samba experience.

Our visiting expert, Mr Ward, had brought a huge variety of exotic instruments for us to play including:  drums (large and small), shakers and bells.  Scared, we whacked the tamborim which boomed around the room.  The larger drums made an even more impressive sound and we were told they represented a beating heart.

Before we knew it, our hour was up and we were samba experts!  We can keep different rhythms going and we have tried all the different instruments.  All that remains is to perfect our percussion ready to share with parents.

That was a sambatastically super samba session!


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