Year 4 do Samba!

Samba Sounds at FJS

On Tuesday 13th January an excited group of Year 4 children made their way into the hall for a full samba experience.

Our visiting expert, Mr Ward, had brought a huge variety of exotic instruments for us to play including:  drums (large and small), shakers and bells.  Scared, we whacked the tamborim which boomed around the room.  The larger drums made an even more impressive sound and we were told they represented a beating heart.

Before we knew it, our hour was up and we were samba experts!  We can keep different rhythms going and we have tried all the different instruments.  All that remains is to perfect our percussion ready to share with parents.

That was a sambatastically super samba session!


DSCF6864 DSCF6865 DSCF6882 DSCF6896 DSCF6899DSCF6914

Roman Shields

DSCF9340[1] DSCF9339[1] DSCF9338[1] DSCF9337[1]Year 4 have completed a learning unit homework which was to make a shield which can teach people about an aspect of life in Roman times.  We had shields made of paper, card, yoghurt pots, metal, wood and even sponges.  They came in all shapes and sizes and we hope you enjoy our gallery.  Well done to everyone who helped (especially Anna’s fantastically talented grandpa).

Leave a comment on the ones which impress you most!DSCF9322[1] DSCF9323[1] DSCF9324[1] DSCF9325[1] DSCF9327[1] DSCF9328[1] DSCF9329[1] DSCF9329[1]DSCF9330[1] DSCF9331[1] DSCF9332[1] DSCF9333[1] DSCF9334[1] DSCF9335[1] DSCF9336[1]

Christmas Wrapping

Jack.N,leo,JACK.Rlola josie and beth merry christmas ROBBIE AND MARSHALL ruby ,nyah and torey SNOWMAN WRAP Untitled Bowe Ella FJust in time for Christmas, Year 4 have been using their computing skills to design new wrapping paper for this year’s presents.  Whatever colour or motif you prefer – it’s all here just take a look.

We used the Paint programme, a little bit of resilience and a lot of creativity and independence.

Happy 40th Birthday

On Friday 26th September we celebrated Fordingbridge Junior Schools 40th birthday!

The school was opened in 1974 with Mr Bray being the headteacher. We were delighted that Mr Bray came back for the afternoon celebrations and shared his experiences, not to mention many old members of staff and previous pupils.

To celebrate we held an open afternoon where members of the community were invited to share our learning and have a tour of the school with our school prefects. Our visitors were then treated to tea and scones.

The children had a wonderful afternoon completing a time line of what they thought the school was like 40 years ago, as well as predicting what it would be like in 40 years time. We also planned our own time capsules to sum up what we thought FJS would be like today!


Year 5 Mayan workshop

On Thursday 27th Year 5 were visited by Marcus Dilley from Creative Education Ltd.  Each class took part in a drama Mayan workshop.

The children all had a great time trying on costumes, playing Mayan ball games and taking part in a sacrifice ritual.  We all learnt lots of new and exciting things, including the teachers!

Mayan 1 Mayan 2 Mayan 3