Body Coach Workout with Year 4

On 14th March, Year 4 did Joe Wicks’ school workout. 3 words – it was tiring! Boys were panting for breath and girls were sweating. But Year 4 achieved it. Just like our school motto – Believe, Strive, Achieve. We had to do star jumps, running on the spot etc. Afterwards our thighs felt more tight and muscly. Do you know who can achieve anything just like Year 4?? You!!

Even Miss Card had a go at the exercises, this is one of the stretches!

Thursday 3rd November- Stubbington

Good evening!

A quick update after another eventful day at Stubbington Study Centre.

Our day began with all children sleeping in until the 8am wake up bell and some having to be woken by staff after that. After a hearty cooked breakfast, room checks and a quick hunt for coats and in one case a pair of clean, dry socks, we set off to see if any animals had spent the night in our 5*hotels (read yesterday’s blog).

Of all our ‘hotels’ set out, four still has residents…curled up fast asleep and rudely awoken by a class of 31 children staring at them. For many children this was their first opportunity to see a mouse up close and after measuring them, we spent some time studying them carefully and creating detailed sketches.

In the afternoon, it was time for ‘Earthquake’ an assault course with a difference. In teams of 8, the children had to carry a range of survival equipment around the obstacles. Their feet were not allowed to touch the floor and they had to get around obstacles that included tunnels, water swings and moving bridges.  This activity was thoroughly enjoyed by all the children, many of whom did not want the activity to finish.

Then to this this evening – The S Factor – the weekly Stubbington talent show. All week the children have been learning songs to perform, with their team, at this grand finale. The children all participated singing their team song, with actions and enthusiasm. The show was won by the Kestrels, which included some girls from Fordingbridge Juniors.

We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow afternoon,


Miss Lewis, Miss Gritt and Mr Morrison

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Wednesday 2nd November

Dear Parents / Carers,

This morning the children had a wonderful time outside in the conservation area on a gloriously sunny clear morning, listening out for the woodland bird calls.They then worked as a team to play the various parts of the structure of a tree which was very interesting and somewhat hilarious too!

The tree formed a stage in the life of a particle which we followed along it’s life journey from “The Big Bang” through various ecosystems to it’s place in the soil today. We also thought about where our particle might end up next.

After lunch we used our newly gained wildlife knowledge to identify tracks and signs of the mammals who live at Stubbington, including long tailed woodmice, badgers, deer and foxes. The children then spent time making inviting “hotels” for the wood mice which we left in special tunnels in the conservation area. Tomorrow morning we will see whether any of our small local furry friends decided to make use of their free accommodation!

After tea we spent some time together as a year group and played the Bat and Moth game, that we had learnt earlier, again. The children then played a game called Pirates, the teachers dressed up as pirates and hid around the site. The children had to hunt them down by torchlight in order to work out who had stolen the treasure and decide who did not have a solid alibi. The winning team consisted of Archie, Dylan, William.

The day ended with our visit to the Hide. This evening as the children were exceptionally quiet, we were very lucky to see foxes and badgers. The children were delighted to see these animals up close and were enthralled by how cute and cuddly they looked!

We look forward to sharing more with your tomorrow,

Miss Lewis, Mrs Heath and Mr Morrison

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Stubbington Year 5 2016- Tuesday 1st November

Dear Parents/ Carers of Year 5 pupils,

We have focused on teamwork today with the activities we have completed.

This morning children had their first inspection, which required them to work as a group to tidy their bedrooms, bathrooms and drying rooms. They were scored out of 15 from the members of staff at Stubbington based on the tidiness of these areas. Most scored well, remembering how to make their beds (so hopefully they remember this when they are home 🙂 )

We then took part in an activity called ‘Eggstreme’, in which the children took part in team building activities as pictured below in order to win counters. These counters were then used to purchase materials such as bubble wrap, newspaper and butter pots. They had to come up with a design within their budget that would protect their eggs when it was throw from a catapult. All staff, including that at Stubbington mentioned how well the children worked together and showed their enthusiasm towards all parts of the task.

In the afternoon, we took part in various activities based around trees. We first collected a range of natural things in a variety of colours to represent the rainbow then compared that to a range of greens from the environment.  The children were then blindfolded with a partner and had to feel the features of one tree, then guess which tree it was after the blindfold was removed. The last activity focused mainly on learning about what trees needed to grow, the children then searched the surrounding area for clues- pictured below to answer a quiz together.

As our evening activity we looked at our shells we collected yesterday under microscopes and sketched them. Then we took part in a Stubbington quiz, and crowned a winner. Finally to end our evening we had an enthralling display and discussion from wildlife photographer Dennis Bright. The children were laughing and cooing at all of the cute pictures of foxes and owls.

Miss Lewis will be taking over from me tomorrow but will continue to update the blog.

Best Wishes,

Miss Gritt



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Stubbington 2016

Dear Year 5 Parents,

I am writing from Miss Card’s account as my login isn’t working.

We have arrived safely to the sunny Stubbington centre. You’ll be glad to know that all the children have settled in , are eating well and should hopefully sleep tonight.

When we arrived the children had to unpack their belongings and neatly store them away, much to the horror of some children 🙂 . They have all been put with children from their lists and are happy with their groupings. Our activities are done within our school group but we have free time where we socialise with the other school and evening activities where we’re mixed.

As you can see from the pictures we went on a beach walk this afternoon, making sandcastles and searching the sea for active creatures. All of the children were enthusiastic and enjoyed every second of it.

In the spirit of Halloween, we decided  to make masks this evening as an activity or if children wished they sketched their findings from this afternoons walk. The children are now showered, fed and ready to go to bed (hopefully we’re get a good nights rest).

I will continue to update around this time every night as this is our free time for most of the day.

Best Wishes,

Miss Gritt

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Safety Day 2015

Safety Day 2015

The whole school enjoyed a fantastic Safety Day. Thanks to our special guests, Paramedics Sally and Sabrena, each class attended a first aid workshops focussing on the recovery position and CPR. They also led an assembly about what to do in an emergency and when 999 is the right choice.

In class each year group focussed on a different aspect of personal safety. Year 3 made sure they were safe on the road by learning and practicing how to cross a road safely. We also investigated clues to crossing safely that are not only seen but heard and felt as well. Bumps on the ground tell us that this is a safe place to cross as long as we remember to STOP, LOOK and LISTEN! Year 4 created wonderful models of beaches with lots of safety signals including safe swimming flags, lifeguards and safety buoys. In Year 5 they were investigating fire safety by looking at safe escapes routes. Finally short films were created by Year 6 learnt to promote firework safety.

Y3 Pajama Party in the Pool!

Year 3 had a great day swimming this week. We brought in pajamas or light clothes from home to experience what it would be like if we fell into water in our clothes!

We also practice walking through water and swimming, as well as pushing and gliding then standing up to get ourselves upright in clothes. A few of us swam underwater through hoops.

Some of us even practiced our rescue skills by saving each other with foam noodles!!

We had a great afternoon and although it was “weird” (in the words of Year 3) swimming in our clothes we also found out how tiring it was to swim in heavy clothes are a while and also how different it feels to pull ourselves out of the water!


DSC00039 DSC00041 DSC00043 DSC00044 DSC00046 DSC00047 DSC00048 DSC00049 DSC00051 DSC00053

Country Dancing Festival 2015

This year’s country dancing festival was a slight change to previous years as the weather wasn’t in our favour this morning.

However, we took full advantage of a break in the rain in the afternoon and were able to show our year group dances and also a couple of traditional country dances. The children (and teachers!) had obviously been working hard to learn the routines.

Here is a selection of photos:

DSC00012 DSC00022 DSC00036 DSC00041 DSC00045 DSC00050 DSC00056 DSC00058 DSC00047 (2) DSC00055 DSC00070


Year 3 fly to Harry Potter Studios

On Monday Year 3 headed off on an exciting adventure to the Harry Potter Studios in Hertfordshire. Upon arrival at the studios, an enormous Christmas tree greeted us in the foyer before we slipped behind the scenes of this incredible franchise.

After a short cinematic introduction to the films the screen lifted to reveal a pair of golden doors. Harry and Archie (our birthday boys) went up to open the doors into Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry’s Great Hall, which had been specially decorated for the Christmas season. The tour led us through costumes, wigs, sets (including the Gryffindor common room, Dumbledore’s study and Hagrid’s hut), props and special effects from the films providing great insight into how the books became film.

We were able to play with prop snow and put our hands into SFX fire as well as improving our wand skills with a quick charms lesson. On the way round children were able to complete their Passports by finding the Golden Snitches and collect stamps providing them with a memento of the trip.

The tour led us through the external sets where we walked the wooden bridge, saw various vehicles (Hagrid’s motorbike and the Knight Bus) from the film as well as Harry’s “muggle” home on 4 Privet Drive.

Back inside the studios, we were amazed at the creature workshop where fiction came to life through animatronics, we got quite a jump when Harry’s Monster Book of Monsters suddenly jumped towards us! A quick walk through Diagon Alley led us to the magnificent snow covered model of Hogwarts School.

As well as a tour around the studios, Year 3 attended a workshop on mood boards and costumes, exploring and handling real costumes (Dumbledore and Luna) and material from the films. We even tried on a pair of Hagrid’s trousers! We created our own costume characterisation, which we will continue to develop and use for our creative writing in the classroom.

It was an incredible trip – but don’t just take our word for it, here are some words from our experts:

“Absolutely excellent, I didn’t have a favourite part because it was all amazing! The room with werewolves and animals was amazing”   Marley (3KC)

“So cool in there – the big dragon face was my favourite because I don’t know how they made it.”  Jakob (3LD)

“The jumpy tooth book didn’t scare me!”  Jade (3KC)

“Hogwart’s castle was really life like but the Forbidden Forest was missing.”  Dylan (3LD)

“I loved exploring everything!”  Roni (3LD)

“In the workshop we got to see Hagrid and Dumbledore’s costumes.”  Robbie (3LD)

“It was AMAZING!! I really like the potions room because loads of potions and bottles were strange and you never seen things like them today!”   Harry (3KC)

Miss Card and Miss Deering

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Year 3 Class Museum

Year 3 have been lucky to have a special loans box full of prehistoric objects. We have been learning all about the objects that are left behind in the archaeological record which tell us about the people living in Britain over 2000 years ago.

DSCF2858 DSCF2860

The objects, loaned by Wessex Archaeology, were a fantastic resource inspiring Year 3 to research and write labels for our class museum about the Stone and Bronze Ages. After a year discussion and vote, we decided to arrange the objects in our museum in chronological order. Starting with Palaeolithic (Old Stone Age) handaxes through to a lovely replica of a Bronze Age Beaker pot.

DSCF2865 DSCF2861

Year 3 invited 5JH to come and visit our museum. Our museum curators expertly explained how we had created the museum and showed them some of our favourite objects. Our professional curators even answered questions from Year 5, all whilst being dressed in prehistoric clothing!

A big thank you to Wessex Archaeology for the loan of the box of historical goodies.