Samba CDs

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Browse these Samba CDs and join us in celebrating the creativity of our fabulous Year 4s.  There was such attention to detail including front covers and individual tracks e.g. Keep to the Beat,  Go Double Agogo, Brilhante Brilhante Brilhante, Mas Que Nada, Uma Viagem, Melody Music, Just Jump!  Frightening Floats! and Samba Music for Lovers of Rio,

Well done to everyone.

Roman Shields

DSCF9340[1] DSCF9339[1] DSCF9338[1] DSCF9337[1]Year 4 have completed a learning unit homework which was to make a shield which can teach people about an aspect of life in Roman times.  We had shields made of paper, card, yoghurt pots, metal, wood and even sponges.  They came in all shapes and sizes and we hope you enjoy our gallery.  Well done to everyone who helped (especially Anna’s fantastically talented grandpa).

Leave a comment on the ones which impress you most!DSCF9322[1] DSCF9323[1] DSCF9324[1] DSCF9325[1] DSCF9327[1] DSCF9328[1] DSCF9329[1] DSCF9329[1]DSCF9330[1] DSCF9331[1] DSCF9332[1] DSCF9333[1] DSCF9334[1] DSCF9335[1] DSCF9336[1]

Christmas Wrapping

Jack.N,leo,JACK.Rlola josie and beth merry christmas ROBBIE AND MARSHALL ruby ,nyah and torey SNOWMAN WRAP Untitled Bowe Ella FJust in time for Christmas, Year 4 have been using their computing skills to design new wrapping paper for this year’s presents.  Whatever colour or motif you prefer – it’s all here just take a look.

We used the Paint programme, a little bit of resilience and a lot of creativity and independence.

Disability Awareness Workshops

On Tuesday 18th and Wednesday 19th we were very pleased to welcome our special visitor: Alison Wright.  Alison’s mother took the Thalidomide drug during her pregnancy and so Alison was born with short arms.  This hasn’t stopped her being a mum, a speaker on disability or a member of the British Paralympic Team.  She told us to live by the words of Winston Churchill and never, never, never give up!

Alison says having short arms just means you have to think ahead and solve problems and that’s what we tried to do when we had a go at tidying up, writing and putting on a sock with our toes!DSCF9180 DSCF9183 DSCF9186 DSCF9194 DSCF9191